Lily Sagestone, Sr

Intro Video


**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Lily “Raven” Sagestone


DOB:February 18th

Species:Neko, Human Hybrid


Magic:Absorbing & Sea

Weapon Of Choice:

The Sagestone Waves [Trident]

Who Am I...

Lily The Kitsune Of The Hageshi Clan

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Valerie Seyfried

My Story Is...

Daughter To Two Political Figures

I grew up in a very small family, my birth mother: Abigail Skymoon was the Kitsune Of The Leona Clan at the time and my other mother..the head guard of it. But I did have a adopted big sis who watched me alot


I grew up, having my much older adopted sis and my mom’s by me. Technically she was my main source of entertainment and education

Void Crisis

I kept growing up, watched my aunts and uncle die and then finally my mother [Emila] got infected by a planet nine zombie which I had to fight her off

New Place, New Position

As the Destruction of both Hellifyno and Mars happen, me and what was left of the clan retreated to Cadzenziera where we founded the Pinkadow Purchase into the powerhouse nation of Hagistead

Cant Escape

Only about a year into being on Cadzenziera and then bamm, The Post-Gemival War begins against my mother’s father which it lasted for 2 months at most

Conflict Prevails

We all thought that the war was over but someone else wanted revenage and so it began the Jasmine’s Orgins War after 2 years of no conflict

New Additions!

As the war waged on, I was lucky to get a partner who’d give me my kids Morgan and Aubrielle. But that wasn’t all my mother brought home a little sister for me who later had her kids: Lily Jr, Lucinda, Alice and Chase Fowl..who I am the god mother of

Major Mourning

It all happened so fast in 8 years..I lost my sister Celine to an assassin, I lost my little sister and her husband to an unknown reason and then I lost my birth mom..but I gotta stay strong..there legacies live in me now


My Appearance




Causal Clothes:

Red Long Jacket, Holed Jeans, Shoes and Socks

Clan Dress:

White/Royal Pink Long Dress, Long Tights, Pink Knee High Socks, Running Shoes


Hageshi Clan Commucation Earrings


My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell you? I’m the Kitsune Of The Hageshi Clan! I have no secrets

I Believe...

If you have slibbings, cherish them while you can