Lily Angelang

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–Character Info–
Orginal Full Name:
Lily “Raven” Angelang
Species:Neko,Human Hybrid
Magic:Sea & Absorbing
Weapon Of Choice:
Modified Trident Of Atlantis

Who Am I...

The Kitsune Of The Hageshi Clan

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Dating Valerie

My Story Is...

A Soft Small Tail Wrapped Around Me,Birth

When I was born,I was born a full on girl because i have two mom and basically was never truly ever shown how messed up guys can be but I have a toleration to it

Celine’s Sisterly Loving

Since Me & My sister inherit a title from our mothers,My Sister-Celine Angelang.. yes she was adopted but she is the hier to Angelang Corp as i am the hier to the Kitsune of the Hageshi Clan,So you can imagine..our mom’s were busy People

So my mother entrusted her to train me in the arts of Magic,Weapons and Manners but also..Jogging Two life’s.

The Void Struck

While i was only 12-13,A Diasterous force struck onto Hellifyno,Which caused the death of my Mother-Emila Sagestone.

Then I had to fight her to protect everyone,Then I meet Jacinda Firelight..which my mom had choosen her to be a god-mom to me.

Moving to Cadenziera

Alyssa evenutally had enough of waiting for Hellifyno to be saved,that we moved all Nearby Hakisuru Alliance to Skymoon Homeworld


My Appearance


Eyes:Hazel Pink


Causal Outfit:

Hageshi Clan Hoodie

Pastel White Shirt

Black Medium Skirt

Black and White Stripped High Knee Socks

Summer Shoes

Clan Outfit:

Hair Bow & Tie

Medium Down Short Kitsune Dress

Short Heels


Hageshi Clan Commucation Earrings

My Secrets Are...

If you have a good memory like my sister and you ain’t a mean person. I might tell you

I Believe...

My Cousin Choose me as her Kitsune to assist her in battlefield and with the clan while managing a normal life