Rowan Severfield

Who Am I...


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My Story Is...

Born and raised an orphan, I had no parents, no home, and no major possessions. The only thing I had was my older brother Edward. I’m not sure if we’re even related, I never bothered to ask, but I don’t care. No matter blood, we will always be brothers in arms. Because we didn’t have a copper coin to our names, we started stealing. My earliest memory was of us stealing a bag of bread from a very large woman walking through the road when I was around 6. Its one of my fondest memories because of how fun it seemed at the time. As much fun as it was for me, my brother didn’t feel the same way. He was always serious and scolded me if I ever made a mistake or was too slow, because he knew if I ever messed up and got caught, I would be hanged. That is why he made sure to train me to sneak, pick pockets, and blend in my whole life, so that I would never be caught. Though no matter how much training he gave me it couldn’t prepare for what the future held. One day our nation went to war, and was eventually invaded. Hiding was no longer an option as they were burning homes and other buildings. My brother eventually got caught in one of those buildings, and while I struggled to move the debris to get him out, all he did was smile, and say I love you. The sight of him is still stuck in my head to this day. I left that kingdom several years ago in search for meaning, and possibly adventure while still trying to find happiness and forget about my lost brother.

My Appearance

I wear black trousers, dark grey tunic underneath my leather armor, leather braces, black cowl,a belt with several small pouches to hold items, and boots with padding on the soles for quieter movement.

I have brown hair, several scars on my face and chest from knife fights, blue eyes, and a generally small, but muscular body.


Brothers necklace, two steel daggers (One on my back in a sheath, one in left boot), a coin pouch, a garrote, a bandage, and a piece of bread

My Secrets Are...

The dagger in my boot, my sexuality

I Believe...

In coin, nothing else