Raymond Rose {Alpha Series}


“You made Daddy mad, and you’ll be sorry!” – Alicia, Raymond’s daughter.

Who Am I...

Subject Echo, formerly Raymond Alexander Rose is a early prototype of the 'Big Daddy' protector and maintenance worker, dubbed an Alpha Series. Other names he has gone by: Tin man, Frankenstein, Knight In shining Armor, Daddy.

Romantic Interests

Females of good nature that see past what the watery grave that was Rapture did to him.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Raymond Alexander Rose, born in 1904 came to Rapture around the mid 50’s with his wife Loona Janice Rose. Before that, he lived in Columbia, a flying city that was VERY religious. After Columbia collapsed, Raymond’s faith in god no longer existed and he lived out the next 50 years of his life as an architect. Once in Rapture, he hit financial struggles after his arrival and worked as an assassin until his wife became pregnant and he gave up his dangerous line of work to focus on his family. After about a year, Loona died from disease and Raymond did his best to raise his Daughter, Alicia Darcy Rose. They once again hit troubles and Raymond signed up to be a test patient in the alpha stages of the protector program, not knowing what they were going to do to him. Once he was taken for experimentation, his daughter was taken by the same company to take part of the Little Sister program. Raymond and Alicia were selected for a pair bond, making it where if Alicia perished or was separated from him for too long, he would slip into a coma or go insane. The brainwashing process on Raymond was flawed however, as the workers in charge of converting him were inebriated, leaving Raymond a bit less of the mindless drone he was meant to be. Before they could fix him however, he was already deployed into the city with Alicia.

My Appearance

Childhood (Columbia arc) : Short, messy black hair, freckles, brown eyes.

Adulthood (Rapture arc, pre-transformation.): Messy black hair, brown eyes, 5’8. Black suit, and bird mask.

Adulthood (Rapture arc, Aplha series.): 7’11, Yellow eyes that change color depending on mood. black curly beard, balding head and various scars from his transformation into an Alpha series.

Adulthood (Return to Rapture arc): In  development.

Elderly (Return to Columbia arc): Grey hair and beard, 6’8, blind right eye.


Columbia Arc: Handcannon.

Rapture arc (Pre-transformation): Rapture variant shotgun, two hooks, telekinesis plasmid.

Rapture arc (Alpha series): 2 foot drill, 50. cal machine gun, harpoon gun, camera, hack tool, ion laser (prototype), rivet gun, grenade launcher, shotgun, various plasmid abilities.

Return to Rapture arc: Rivet gun, shotgun, various plasmid abilities, hack tool.

Return to columbia arc: Drill.