Siclides The Nonexistence

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Disclaimer: My character is evil and will try most of the time to abuse and torture. You have been warned. This is includes very graphic violence and gross means 18+ please. If you choose to willingly interact with him I will give one warning and will consider further interacting as consent to harm your character If that is an issue feel free to PM me and ask me to stop or break interaction.

Also Called

Absolute Erasure
Final Nemesis

The user can annihilate completely anything and everything, without any protection nor exception of any kind.
There are two main categories of targets: concrete and abstract. Used on concrete targets, the power has an effect similar to Nothingness Manipulation, effectively annihilating objects and beings. When used on abstract targets however, the effect is more subtle and similar to Logic Manipulation, annihilating the corresponding targets and reorganizing reality accordingly. For example, erasing the concept of “door” would not only erase the door, but also replace it with a portion of the corresponding wall as if the door never existed.

Nature Of The Power
Nonexistence is a specialized variation of Omnipotence: it has the same unlimited/infinite/absolute power, but focuses all of it on the pure and simple annihilation of any target, instantly and completely, achieving ultimate invincibility through the implacable erasure of any form of opposition, and absolute specialization in the most effective form of offense / defense.
In short, Nonexistence represents the concept of real-life death : inescapable and irreversible, without the slightest hope.


Immortality (erasure of death)
Imperceptibility (erasure of presence/perception)
Intangibility (erasure of contact)
Invulnerability (erasure of physical damages)
Logic Manipulation (erasure of abstract targets)
Meta Fear Inducement (aura of extreme unnaturalness)
Nothingness Manipulation (erasure of concrete targets)
Omni-Perception (all existences within range)
Power Immunity (erasure of supernatural effects)
Singularity (inimitable, as there is ‘nothing’ to replicate)
Universal Irreversibility (cannot be stopped by any means)


Event Negation (erasure of events/outcomes)
Negative Remaking (erasure of conceptual traits)
Personality Alteration (erasure of character traits)
Remote Teleportation (erasure of spatial distance)
Remote Time Travel (erasure of temporal distance)
Temporal Rewind (erasure of elapsed time)
Vacuum Creation (erasure of a space)


Absorption/Fusionism (erasure of separations)
Flawless Restoration (erasure of all ill effects)
Infinite Supply (erasure of consumption)
Negative Divination (elimination process)
Pain Suppression (erasure of pain)
Peace Inducement (erasure of war)
Physical Restoration (erasure of damage)
Power Augmentation (erasure of limits)
Purification (erasure of evil/negativity)
Reality Rejection (erasure of aspects of reality)
Reality Restoration (erasure of alterations)
Resurrection (erasure of death/damage)
Self-Sustenance (erasure of hunger/exhaustion)
Semi-Immortality (erasure of aging)
Sensory Restoration (erasure of sensory loss)
Youth Inducement (erasure of old age)


Apathy (erasure of emotions)
Devolution (erasure of evolution steps)
Energy Drain (erasure of force/energy)
Induced Sedation (erasure of sensations/awareness)
Knowledge Erasure (erasure of information/knowledge)
Molecular Immobilization (erasure of motion)
Neurocognitive Deficit (erasure of cognitive processes)
Power Erasure (erasure of abilities)
Sleep Inducement (erasure of consciousness)
Sensory Deprivation (erasure of all senses)


Absolute Darkness (erasure of light)
Apocalypse Inducement (erasure of natural equilibrium)
Chaos Inducement (erasure of order)
Death Inducement (erasure of life/life-force)
Dehydration (erasure of water)
Deoxygenation (erasure of oxygen)
Destruction (erasure of intrinsic fields)
Disintegration (erasure of subatomic bonds)
Extinction Inducement (erasure of species)
Gravitational Singularity (erasure of physics)
Molecular Dispersion (erasure of molecular bonds)
Omnidirectional Waves (total annihilation)
Total Event Collapse (negation of reality)
Ultimate Freeze (erasure of heat)
Unavertable Death (kill by erasure)


Causality/Reality Alteration Negation
Demonic/Divine Power Negation
Downgrading/Energy Negation
Healing Factor Nullification
Magic/Telepathic/Power Negation
Speed/Intangibility Cancellation

Advanced Applications:

Absolute Immortality (complete erasure of death)
Absolute Restoration (erasure of all alterations)
Existential Perfection (erasure of all imperfections)
Immutability (complete erasure of changes)
Meta Immunity Bypassing (complete erasure of all immunities)
Meta Transcendence (erasure of all boundaries/limitations)