James (kyo) peters

Who Am I...

looking for storytime fun

Romantic Interests

any thing you wish (gay, bi, stright, etc.)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Hello my name is James but I can be called Kyo cause I love the manga Fruits Basket. I may like dogs, I feel like a cat. Sleep the day and be annoying at night. (LOL).  But also before I forget, I’m half vampire and human but I also dabble in the arts. Mother was a witch and Father was a vampire.

My Appearance

I stand at the height of 5’7″, and my body is slim but muscular (six pack honey), I have blue eyes that are clear as the bright blue sky, I have short black hair that always looks like I wake up with sex/ bed hair style. heh. Black tailored suit and black dress shoes (got to dress to impress).


I own a simple set of tools . My pride and joy is my hand crafted long saber (tiger) sword created by my late father, along with my fathers duel desert eagles and tactical shotgun.

My Secrets Are...

I was a child that should have never been born (who could love this beast?)

I Believe...

that anyone can be happy when they wanna