Who Am I...


My Story Is...

she was born in the modern times with magic. found out by the government at a young age she was taken from her family, parents killed in a “tragic accident” along with her well that’s what the news said. they raised her to be a solider, a warrior, to kill and hunt and cast.  she ended up being one of the top 5 only to find out the truth behind her life. breaking the rules and oaths she swore she started a revolt which resulted in many deaths and escapes.


Hiding from the government she found many book of shadows and grimoires finding a way to travel through time and so she went back to a time when the world was at peace, before witches were seen as evil. living in secret of her past (or is it future? technicalities)

My Appearance

brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’5, looks quite young thanks to magic.


note book and pen, runes, crystals, herbs, weapons like daggers some are more hidden then others.

My Secrets Are...

she’s lethal