Avery Killian.


A kind-hearted vampire, soft and welcoming those who need her gentle hugs!

Who Am I...

A vampire.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...


Avery met a man, he was controlling. Not out of hatred, but protection. He knew. Her families reputation and the dirty tracks they foolishly left. Even though the woman indulged in their games, never at all, he knew their enemies would send for her.

Any Killian’s blood was good enough to satisfy them.. So when she got married to said lover, he was now marked as a Killian, even if Avery had carried on his name.

He was gone. He was dead, a corpse in the ground and it was her fault.

My Appearance

Profile picture,
She stands at 5’2″ and has a petite frame.
The vampire has shoulder-length fiery red hair, that is wavy and a mess of loose, natural, curls.
Her skin-tone is pale. Moon-kissed and ivory.
Ocean-green hued eyes.


Depends! One thing she does always keeps on her though, is a emerald-stone that is n her always by a silver chain that dangles from her neck.

My Secrets Are...

She keeps her secrets to herself, unless you happen to get close to her.

I Believe...

Avery has different beliefs for different reasons.