Adiannon Estarimone. [The Librarian.]


“Adian. Dear, Love.. Come here. I have something to tell you..“ The little girl blinked, Allowing her glasses to slide to the end of her nose. “A secret?“ Her mother nodded, Smiling tightly. “Mhm, A secret. Hurry, Come along now!“ The girl let out a little squeak, And hurried after her mother. Yet to find that a heavy job, Was to be laid on her shoulders.

Who Am I...

Adiannon Estarimone.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

She leaned forward against the counter. Elbow propped up, Palm holding her head up. Legs crossed over each other. Silence filled the secret library as Adian fell into her memories.

“Now, I know you’ve always wanted to own a library.. But this one is different. Special, Love.“ “Books. Do you believe they could cause violence, Hmm?“ Adi tilted her small head, Deep ginger curls falling in front of her eyes. “Why, Of course not, Mother!“ Her mother frowned and shook her head. “Sadly.. They do, In some cases. For example, When you were still a little bean,“ Her mother smiled, Reaching her slender finger to affectionately swipe Adian’s nose. “In my stomach, Battles rang out through many places. All because of a book. The Book Of Thorns. It hid many secrets and riddles in it’s words. On those thick pages, Lay hidden places we hadn’t known existed. Being’s more powerful you could imagine. And so much wealth and power, It sent the people who seemed the sweetest into full on greed-powered rage.“ The girls eyes widened.

The story soon came to a end. “Eventually, The people who supported this library, The few who knew of it. Gathered some friends, Some family. Convincing them to face the other side, who hoped to find the book first. Now the libraries side won, And we hold the book safely here. It only is made of leather, Ink and paper. Yes. But it holds more destruction than you could know.“ The woman shook her head, Patting her daughter’s head. “Point is. When you own this place, Be careful. They may be books. And people don’t read as much., I know. But some hold many secrets. Much chaos. You would but believe what people do for them.“

Adi sighed, Gripping the key in her hand. The leather strap that held it to her rubbing against her neck. The cool feel of it sinking into her palm. She knew some where many people came and lived. Perhaps..

My Appearance

Shoulder length, Deep red hair. Wavy and some what curly. Bright blue eyes and circular gold rimmed glasses. Slender, Swift fingers like her mother. Soft, But visible jaw line. Clear, Smooth skin. Rosy lips. Cheeks that always looked flushed. Long, Elegant legs. Graceful movements. Some what pale skin tone.


A gold key, With a rounded base, Three runes embedded into the middle of the base,With a small blue sapphire nestled in the middle of the circle of runes. A triangle of swirls circling the gems. And gold ,thin, cylinders spiraling around each other.
A thick leather strap holding the key to her. A necklace kinda.
The library.
Leather satchel.
Her glasses.

I Believe...

“Don't ever underestimate a book. It can hold greater power than you know..“