Red [Red Empire]

Who Am I...

My name is Red. Well not really, it's a nickname. I never use my real name. Don't ask why, it's better left unsaid.

Romantic Interests

Girls. And if I need to go into specifics: Blonde hair, blue eyes, slim waist but a big badonadonk.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Story? Well I’m from a different reality. One where Demons have taken over Hellifyno. The whole world. We moved onto other planets, expanding our Empire. Billions of years later it seemed we had conquered every living thing. Until my great Father had an idea: Move on to other dimensions. And so we did. We sent out large numbers of Demons out to conquer these other dimensions. Well, my Father finally sent me, his greatest accomplishment. This Hellifyno is vastly different from the one I come from. There was not this much diversity, it was only humans. To see so many different species is amazing. It really is a gem amongst all these other dimensions. My father will be excited to mate with some of these species he’s not seen to see what he can come up with. I love this place, it’s amazing, all of it. The people, the atmosphere, everything. But alas, I must obey my Father’s will and conquer this place no matter how much I love it. Fear not, we can be merciful, you just need to sell your soul.

My Appearance

Pinterest: ??? | Anime drawings boy, Anime guys, Cute anime guys


I usually have cigarettes on me but that’s about it really.

My Secrets Are...

As if I’d say.

I Believe...

I believe that there is only power in this world. If you dont have power, you have nothing.