Sarah Vam-Wolf (Duel Fang)


I’m a hybrid creature of werewolf and vampire with intense strength speed and stamina. I have heightened senses and impossible healing ability. I also have forever growing magical abilities. I am immortal because of a ritual with one of my immortal friends, as well as a familiar Willow Grove.

Who Am I...

Dual Fang, a half-blood

Romantic Interests

Men, with exceptions

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was a poor girl from one of the only surviving farms in the area. We made enough money for food and that was about it. I was constantly jumped and mugged for the little I had and they have almost killed me twice. I have thought of killing them all before but I didn’t want to bring more attention to myself. I had only one friend whom I’m not allowed to see but being 17 at the time I did anyway. He was kind and funny, he was the only person that treated me and my family as equals but one day when we were sneaking into our secret hideout, we were caught by some old man who spread rumors and made my life a living hell, but worse his friends and family started jumping and mugging him and his parents never did anything about it they said it was his fault for seeing me! I was mad with my life hell now they were hurting my boyfriend, I completely flipped I went bazerk, I killed the entire town and still, I rampaged until the American military captured me and used me as a superweapon. I was nothing but a weapon to them at first, I was only allowed to eat after a battle and even that was just the spoils of war. I eventually learned the line of command and cooperated with them and then eventually grew respect for that command as they grew respect for me. They eventually let me go and I went on to become part of a pack, The Bloodmoon, I climbed the ranks and challenged the alpha, taking that position in the pack. I now from with my section of that pack which is over 150 strong, my 4 betas run the other 4 sections of the pack of almost equal size. We rome the worlds and have now settled in hellifynio, where we have taken territory near persistence.

My Appearance




55+ Trendy Drawing Anime Wolf Spirit Animal #drawing


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I carry nothing, as I need nothing but my fists to kick your ass.

I Believe...

The roots of evil start with man