Ailbe Woodlands

Who Am I...

I am a blind elf who doesn't believe in violence

Romantic Interests

those who don't judge her for her blindness and dont take advantage of that blindness

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was born roughly 100 years ago into a large elf village in Ireland. I had a great life with great friends until that day. On that day about 90 years ago my village was attacked by humans, all my family and friends were slaughtered for the proof that we exist. I was the only one kept alive of them all. I was shown off in freak shows and then used as a slave, sold around to different masters and abused. By one of these masters, she was constantly beaten and abused. One day, roughly 75 years ago he stuck me down with a whip and kept lashing out at me. He struck it across my eyes and blinded me permanently. After that I was seen as useless and sent into the garbage dump. I was discarded and now roam around randomly, trying not to die with my every step and going against violence. I have gotten better with my other senses to coordinate myself around close spaces. I have also learned to make curtain potions and what not through teaching by random elves she found by coincidence. She has recently found herself in persistence and heard good things about the inn there, she plans to see what that is all about and hopefully find a place to stay.

My Appearance


She carry’s nothing but has a storage pocket where she keeps everything she would ever need.

I Believe...

People truly have an open heart and mind