Sarah Vam Wolf


I’m a hibrid creature with intense Strangth speed and stamina, i have incredible sight heaeing and smell. I hate man kind with all my heart but I’ll help those in need no matter the creature, I Rome the earth on a motorcycle but can telaport and travel through air as a bat I can transform into an alfa wolf and hide myself in a normal pack I can hide in a crowd and in the open. I’m almost never found but I find you.

Who Am I...

Dual Fang, a half-blood

Romantic Interests

Men, with exceptions

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was a poor girl from one of the only surviving farms in the area. We made enough money for food and that was about it. I was constantly jumped and mugged for the little I had and they have almost killed me twice. I have thought of killing them all before but I didn’t want to bring more attention to myself. I had only one friend whom I’m not allowed to see but being 17 at the time I did anyway. He was kind and funny, he was the only person that treated me and my family as equals but one day when we were sneaking into our secret bunker, we were caught by some old man who spread rumors and made my life a living hell, but worse his friends and family started jumping and mugging him and his parents never did anything about it they said it was his fault for seeing me! I was mad with my life hell now they were hurting my boyfriend, I completely flipped I went bazerk, I killed the entire town and still, I rampaged until the military captured me and used me as a superweapon. In my service time, I killed at least 1000000 men. I got discharged after I returned to a stable state. I’m only stable today because I met one of my lover’s descendants and was glad he lived. I now come to the US looking for my brethren and military work.

For those who are curious, I’ve fought in the American Revolution, the civil war, ww1, ww2, Vietnam, and the Korean War

My Appearance

I was a black dress. I have black matted hair, and yellow slit eyes. I have a 100-year-old Chinese scythe on my back, and I have a holstered ww2 blunder bust on my side.


I carry an old Chinese scythe as well as a blunder bust.

I Believe...

The roots of evil start with man