Elyss Sieghart

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To start, I’m 23. Don’t ask mm this IC, or I’ll burn you alive. The name is Elesis Sieghart. My little brother is Adam Sieghart. Many of you probably know him. I’ve heard he’s been stirring things up. Guess it’s my turn to join in on the fun. Anyway, I stand at a height of 5’5″. I’m not tall, nor am I that short neither. My normally worn black boots give me a nice one inch extra height. I’m quite fit too. Been training practically my whole life, so don’t try me unless you want a broken nose or worse. I’m also a pyromancer like Adam. It runs in the family. Though, I’m much better than him at controlling it. If anyone has experienced his flames, then get ready to experience much worse. That’s all you need to know about me for now. If you want to learn anything else, hit me up. Let’s hope I don’t hit you though.


My Story Is...

It was just me and him for most of our lives. We had parents, but they didn’t last long. No words. No letters. No goodbyes. We were alone at an early age. I was only 10, and he, 5. I had to take on the responsibilities of both mother and father. Then it happened. I was called away by a letter that was meant for my father. Seems everyone else in the world was just as flabbergasted by his disappearance just like I was. No clues or anything. My mother and father were both just gone from the world causing many things to fall into turmoil. See, my father, he was a general for the army of Elrios, and my mother was his second in command. An issue came up. The demons were acting suspiciously, and they needed my parents to come and help organize the armies for a possible war. The demons in our world have always been iffy. Though, during that time, they became strangely aggressive making demands, threats, and spreading rumors of blood. What was I to do? A war was obviously brewing, and they needed me. I knew nothing of fighting in wars though, but my parents trained me in the way of the blade. They taught me basic strategy too, and I knew I could help if I were to go. Even if I couldn’t be a general, I could still fight. Fight to protect not only him but what my parents created.



Then, the demons struck. They invaded a city named Hamel and tore it to the ground. Though, that wasn’t the only attack. There were many all at once. An all-out massacre. They needed me. Not only me, but they needed the world to band together to battle the demons that began ravaging everything they could get their hands on. It was a hard decision since I didn’t want to leave him behind, but a decision that I’m not ashamed of. I told the elder in the village near our home about the situation, and what I was going to do. Later that week, I left my little brother behind in the care of the Elder. I promised him I’d be back as soon as I could. I upheld my promise, but that was just the beginning of a many problems that still plague us Siegharts. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I never left. If I had never plagued his mind with those stories and tales. Maybe we wouldn’t have all these problems today. Maybe ended up as a normal family at some point. Though, our story wouldn’t have been an epic a tale then, and no one enjoys listening to a boring tale.


My Appearance

Elesis is a built woman who takes great pride in her well-trained body and curvaceous shape. One’s eyes may immediately fall upon her dark, long, wavy, red hair falling to the middle of her back that mimics the intensity of roses in richness before taking note of her blood red eyes that always seem focused, except, for whenever she’s relaxed which then has her eyes seeming brighter, like a perfect cherry, and less menacing. Her face is oval-shaped, but her chin is slightly pointed making her face seem somewhat heart-shaped as well depending on how one’s eyes train on her. Her jawline is slim with her cheeks being slightly hollow under her cheekbones giving her a more serious model look, though, some may just say she has cute dimples. (I would not recommend calling her cute). She dons a medium-sized, slightly pointed nose.  Her lips are thin, yet, they are a nice pinkish color. In summary, Elesis has the face to easily become a model with the absence of any freckles despite her being a ginger with pale skin. Though, she normally wears a serious expression making others quite wary of her presence, but once an individual gets to know her, they quickly get to see her smiles and wilder facial expressions as she’s usually the type of gal to wear her confidence on her face.


Said earlier, Elesis is a built woman with a curvaceous shape standing at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She has a maroon cream skin tone. Though, depending on if she spends long times outside, her skin can appear to have more color as a sort of tan. She wears a D cup size bra, but she’s more on the smaller side of the size chart. Moving down to her stomach area, one will notice her 25-inch toned midsection. Due to many hours, days, and years of working out, Elesis has developed quite the defined body with a nice six pack. Though, her abs are not chiseled or carved as some men, like to have theirs, and are more a faint imprint on her stomach showing how balanced her workout is. Her shoulders are slightly bold and plump, and her arms are sexually toned ending with small, yet slightly rough, strong manicured hands and fingers. Now, her hips are decently sized, 35 inches, from the work she’s done training her thighs and such. Yes, one may say she has a strong posterior, but be warned. Those thighs aren’t just for show and have a lot of power behind them if she decides to use her legs violently against an individual. All in all, Elesis is quite the beauty of a woman with looks and strength about her.

In terms of clothing, Elesis usually wears simple gear that she herself has magically augmented to be able to handle the fires she creates. Though, anything she buys she augments, so she can still practically wear whatever she wishes if she takes the necessary precautions. One never knows when they’ll be finding themselves in a situation that requires a little heat. However, she does have some signature articles of clothing that she adores wearing such as a faux leather lace up jacket on that doesn’t reach all the way down her waist stopping right around her midsection, and a necklace with a fire symbol attached to it.




A light saber won off of Darth Vader during an event
A strange book that allows one to shift in a super-powered armored state
Twin flaming scimitars from some strange temple

My Secrets Are...

Burned carcasses share no tales.

I Believe...

If you have something to fight for, then fight for it.