Nakeema, Childe of Darkness



Who Am I...

Nakeema is a vampire who was killed during a bloodhunt in early 2011, later brought back by Augustus Giovanni as terms to a contract struck with one Creedance Waters. Originally brought back and shoved into a witches body, she had vast reserves of magic that went unhampered due to the fact that she almost immediately convinced a vampire to turn her within a few weeks of her resurrection.

Romantic Interests

Old? Krimson, the Phoenix Spirit. Elexin. Devek Slayter. New? Majin Cain

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Nakeema was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in March of 1992 to a rich family with old oil money. Set to inherit everything from them, she had a relatively easy going life right up till the point her greedy uncle saw fit to conspire against her father in a legal battle that saw her father and mother put behind bars and Nakeema out onto the streets.


In an effort to earn some quick money, Nakeema sold herself as the only real means of profession for someone as young as she was on the streets. She quickly became a well requested escort among the general populace due to her age and somewhat innocent appeal, though she wasn’t really content with her job. After answering a gentleman through typical means of request, she was drugged and found her way onto the planet of Hellifyno.


At first, it was a huge blow to everything she had learned on Earth. All the creatures were magical, make believe, fantasy, but they were all more or less right in front of her. The problem was, once more, she had to start over due to the fact that she had no money and no real way to earn it.


That’s when she met her first vampire. She sold her blood to the first one she came across, enjoyed the bite so much that she gave herself to two more for a higher price down the line. Eventually, she came to covet the power and bite of being a vampire too. That’s when she heard about the Ventrue vampires that lurked in the Blue Moon Tavern. After doing some recon, getting to know one or two of the members there, she latched onto Elexin who had some sort of power within his vampire community and begged for him to turn her.


After being given a few tasks, she proved herself worthy of being turned, though admittedly it was probably to shut her up more than to actually take on a childe of his own, and Elexin transitioned her from human to vampire.


It wasn’t long after that, that she met Devek who was charming and alluring, also her  adoptive ‘brother’. She gained some small semblance of feelings for him but they were dashed upon meeting Krimson who later became her first real love. Within a few months of her becoming a vampire, she set up a brothel that she ran herself and Krimson and her became mates. Nakeema, still not aware of quite a few rules of her new vampiric society, accidentally turned Krimson from phoenix to thrall which angered her sire and the Ventrue clan right alongside him.


She promised, along with Krimson, that she was unaware of such rules and that she would not fully transition him under any circumstances. A promise, both she and he broke not too long after making it. When Elexin found out, he was extremely angry and named both Krimson and herself Anarchists and named Sasuke as his new Childe, appointing her in charge of establishing a blood hunt for Krimson and Nakeema.


Rebels from the vampires, the two were chased down. Krimson died protecting Nakeema first, and she died shortly thereafter with Sasuke’s scythe. Both of their heads were mounted in the tavern for months after.


Two years later, Creedance, one of her previous vampire clients, approached and hired Augustus to raise her from the dead and put her back into a human body. Confused and utterly disappointed with being brought back, realizing that Krimson had been killed, Nakeema ran away in a fit of despair and grief and Creedance was convinced through her body’s new blood to turn her himself. Since he belonged to no vampire clan of the Camarilla, she was not forced to follow the rules set forth by them and quickly parted ways with Creedance in turn for the less desirable cities of Hellifyno.

My Appearance

Nakeema appears to be around 18 or 19 years of age with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She has very pouty lips and a dainty posture. She has never really been very tall, though her body is lithe and her skin as pale as alabaster.

She has slender fingers, long arms, long legs, a shorter torso and a moderate to large bust. Her hair is oftentimes kept loose and unkempt, though she takes extra care of it to keep herself in line. As a vampire, her skin is even more deathly pale than it was before she was turned.

She has a penchant for wearing flimsy clothing to drawl in new customers, though she herself doesn’t really participate in the work that she used to since she has employees who do that for her. She is not very strong looking, though one can feel the magic lurking beneath her flesh in this new body that resembles her old.