Velana Zineas


"Escape the Island of Eldritch Lust" book cover by artist Yellowroom digital 2150x3438

Who Am I...

Velana Zineas, child of Morrigan and Dimos Zineas

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My Story Is...

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There isn’t much to tell of her history with her being so young. The daughter of a homunculi and a hybrid of vampire and eldritch horror, she is well on her way to being something of a primordial. Her growth rate was not all that astounding considering, like her mother, it only took a month for her to come to full term, a week or less for her to grow to late teens where her aging stopped altogether. She is most like her mother but instead of growing up in a brothel, she grew up in a torture realm as the standard, typical princess. She was never interested in toys or menial things, preferring to play with her guardian and protector.


Throughout that week, her abilities came full and to fruition, granting her elemental abilities like her father along with the ability to control emotions, her blood a full on drug like her father’s, most her mother’s and grandfather’s abilities rolled into one. Without the voices her mother bore, whispers from beyond, her mind is mostly her own and with it, she chooses to do great things and will do so in the near future.

My Appearance

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