Rega Archon

Who Am I...

A friendly generic sh?nen anime protagonist!

My Story Is...

Rega Archon was once an ordinary child living within a highly secluded village known as Aequalis on the Eastern Continent. His innocent life was torn to shreds though on the day he helped an injured outsider. The stranger died and his magic imbued itself within Rega, a unique ability called Amalgamagic. Soon, those who hunted that outsider came to hunt him, and the small child had to flee his own home and escape into the wilderness.

What followed was years of rough living and constantly watching over his back. Rega found that society outside of his little village was wildly different to what he was accustomed to so he often sought the relief of living in the wild instead of within towns or cities. This also let him experiment and learn how his new magic worked. He soon found out it was rather odd. It allowed him the power to freely fuse and split things apart. Rega also tried to find out who exactly pursued him; a tyrannical figure known as Ruin and his twisted assistant called Haven, who apparently wanted his power due to the limitless potential it held.

More years passed as Rega finally found people he could call friends, people who would teach him how to fight and use his magic in more effective ways. He felt the time had come for him to finally go home… but what he found would leave a wound on his heart forever. Nobody, not even his parents, remembered him. They couldn’t even hear him, see him, or touch him. He was a ghost to them. A move done by Ruin and Haven both out of cruelty and as a bargaining chip; give them the magic, they return his family. Rega accepted this deal only until he was brought to the nearest stronghold, where he would then break his bonds and go on to slaughter the hold’s captain and every single soldier there. Negotiations were out of the window it seemed, they had made a monster out of an innocent boy.

Manipulating this bloodlost and rage, Rega was eventually captured and imprisoned within another world known as the Nightmare Paradigm; a place literally made of our world’s nightmares and fears. For 3 months he toiled in there before ripping himself out, finding that the facility he had been taken to had been strangely destroyed…

Since then, Rega has wandered, trying to do as much good as he can in the hopes it might scrub the smallest flake of blood off of his hands. No matter how much he might be known as a hero though, he would never feel like one. Though his amalgam soul might burn with hate against all he saw as evil, that view would always include himself.

My Appearance


Demiurge Jewels:

In Rega’s adventures he came across the legendary items known as Demiurge Jewels. These were 9 differently coloured, roughly spherical gemstones that each possessed an intensely strong power. They were the crystallised conscience of a creator entity that supposedly sacrificed itself in order to birth this physical reality.

I Believe...

"Memories are the most important thing we can make, so be sure to make ones you'll never regret."