Liz (Lizard)


I am an 18+ typist. Trying to keep my RP’s between people of the same age for safety. I typically enjoy para RP the most and would like to find other RP’ers who are into the same thing!

Who Am I...

I'm Elizabeth! But my friends call me either Liz, or Lizard!

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Liz likes working with computers and machines. She originally wanted to go for a degree in hardware engineering on Earth so she could would on big projects in life–but found herself traveling the galaxy instead. She’s still a hobbyist and would very much like to study machines in all forms, especially if it means she gets to have a spot on someone’s ship.

She’s been traveling somewhere around five years, all of which she could have spent earning a PhD. Instead, she’s been learning about all sorts of new species that populate the galaxy and has become quite invested in further discoveries.

Dislikes: Candy in all forms and most insects.

My Appearance

Hair: Pink bob.

Eyes: Light green

Height: 5ft 4in

Clothing: Black urban style street wear. Plenty of pockets and comfort.

Weight: 130lbs

Age: 28


A journal where she logs her adventures, her communication devices and a knife for survival situations.