Rei Deer


Rei is a innocent little boy with a bow and some instruments ( Okay a lot of instruments) He has a little pet hedgehog named Mr. Mi. Rei knows healing magic to a certain extent.

His goal is to get revenge on the man who took away his sight

For people who are confused about Rei’s blindness. He can’t see anything unless he plays music

Who Am I...

Rei, the bounded blind

Romantic Interests

… Maybe …

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

“No, no, no! I need to see, I… need… to…. see…” Rei cried out. Rei’s vision hazed in and out before settling to a complete stop.

Rei could see the divine temple but Ivor was no where to be seen, ” I-Ivor? Mel? Kira?” Rei called in desperation .” I’m still here…” Ivor laughed ” Where?” Rei called clawing the air, ” Right behind you!” Ivor sneered before Rei hit the ground, blood trickling out of his open wounds. ” W-what have you done?!” Rei cried, Ivor snickered before shoving a flute into Rei’s hands ” Play. Now” Ivor commanded. Rei pressed it to their lips and blew, it was the  most beautiful thing they had ever heard, suddenly Ivor appeared in front of them ” You can stop now.” Ivor sighed. The second the music stopped, Rei’s vision became blurry, before Ivor vanished again ” Did you see me?” Ivor asked, Rei nodded.

” Good, now you can go live like that” Ivor shrugged dismissively ” What!” Rei cried “Why did you do that!” Rei sobbed ” You play the most beatiful music, and I want to hear it.” Ivor laughed ” Y-you took away my sight to hear my music!” Rei shook but Ivor was gone, Rei gripped the silver flute with a new mission.

My Appearance

Dark brown hair and light green eyes. Small antlers and deer like hooves. Wears a crown of twigs and pink  flowers. A black blindfold. I wear a black and white striped t-shirt and jean shorts. His faun legs are the same colour of his hair


Silver flute, wooden flute and bow ( Plus arrows), Fiddle, Kazoo, Violin, and poison antidote.

My Secrets Are...

“… Why do you want to know?”

I Believe...

The earth has music for those who listen