Reine DuSang

Intro Video


Reine DuSang, Vampire Queen

Who Am I...

A Vampyre Queen

Romantic Interests

(Vampire) Women

Relationship Status

A secret I shall take to my grave.

My Story Is...

The world has changed much during her long lifetime, the only constants being her thirst for blood and her own company. But after eons of human conflict the world has been torn asunder by atomic fire and reborn in the darkness of nuclear winter. With the sun’s absence her people have been able to thrive, and this vampire queen has risen to power.

Yet now that the world is finally hers for the taking, she’s grown bored of her merciless eviction of human life and has taken it upon herself to try and find entertainment. Humans keep animals as pets despite being hunters, why couldn’t she do the same? Perhaps the next mortal she saw would find a leash upon their neck rather than her teeth…

My Appearance

Race: Vampyre
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 140
Bust: 34 C
Hair: Medium Length Brunette,often braided.
Eyes: Red
Notes: She has a love for the fashions of Gothic high society from an age long past, but centuries of use have caused much of her clothing to degrade.

Reine’s upper canines are especially long, borderline sabre-like fangs. Her lower canines and the outmost pair of top incisors are a set of comparitively sober fangs.


-My clothing
-My teeth

I Believe...

Humans are as livestock. They can be cute and even entertaining, despite them being food.