Nothing more than a six-legged African leopard about half the size of a pony, able to use camouflage and mimicry.

Who Am I...

A strange animal

Romantic Interests

None existant

My Story Is...

Nothing but a blank.

My Appearance

Her fur is a deep gold, patterned with black rosettes on her lower limbs, body and tail while the rosettes on her head are a greenish blue bio-luminescent color, along with her claws and paw pads, illuminating in the night. Her eyes are a light green with a deep blue ring circling the iris. A three inch horn sits in the middle of her muzzle close to her nose and a pair of thick horns are nestled close to her ears, curving upward before curving outward around the ears. A pair of sharp pointed five inch tusks jut out from her upper jaw, proving to be very useful for goring an enemy during a fight or prey when she’s hunting.
To keep her tusks from becoming dull and weak, she sharpens them using trees or rocks, rubbing her tusks against them until she is satisfied with the results. The fur on her paws are jet black, traveling up her legs before stopping halfway, also patterned with greenish blue bio-luminescent rosettes as well. All three horns are a dark grey in color while her tusks are a cream ivory white. Surrounding her eyes are bits of luminescent red fur that speckle her muzzle, face and ears. Scars of claw marks and bite marks can be seen on her back and the left side of her body while her face has numerous claw marks here and there. Half of her right ear remains as her left ear is still untouched.

My Secrets Are...

Dead to the world

I Believe...

Everyone lies