Avælyn Eámanë Norre

Who Am I...

"I am Avælyn Eámanë Norre, First Born of Irel and Jarad, A Wytch of the Faladhen Line."

Romantic Interests

Jackal will always own a piece of my heart but it will never come to pass. So perhaps one day I will find another who speaks to my soul.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born of Irel Faladhen Norre and Jarad Norre, I am their first child. My brother, Fëanáro, is a few years younger than I but far more traveled.

My Appearance

20 years old.

6′, ankle length straight silver hair. 98lbs, very slender Silver flecked blue eyes.

Light blue tips of her pointed ears and blushes blue.