Remus "Le Roy" Avery


le roy

Le Roy is a name earned on the streets.


Remus grew up surviving on his own through theft and vagrancy. For the kid giving people new reasons to kick his teeth in was better than the orphanage. Eventually he was pulled from the dirt by an elderly houngan. To be tempered rather than disciplined. He was not exactly a father figure or a role model but provided the needed guidance to the urchin. He taught the young hooligan about the world outside and brought him before Papa Legba to peer beyond the veil.


Rem matured into an unconstrained force of nature. Steeped in sin and indulgence, baptized in alcohol, bestowed with devilish luck. Things just always sway his way. Rather than fight for territory with other gangs, he and his followers instead win fear and reverence without borders. Le Roy is a king without a kingdom, but still capable of turning the tides of both the criminal and spiritual underworlds.



Romantic Interests


My Appearance


My Secrets Are...

I don’t have any secrets worth keeping.

I Believe...

In living like I've already died.