Diamond Bloodwalker

Who Am I...

Daughter of Romulus Bloodwalker

Romantic Interests

A certain Foxy lady…

Relationship Status

Taken, Currently dating Misaki

My Story Is...

The first Journal.

It is here perhaps that we first see the names written in text, the first time that we have a glimpse of something of the before, immediately after the beginning of the end.  The dawn of a light, and perhaps the setting of a sun. It is simply titled Entry One, Diamond. Here it is written on thin pages weathered and worn with age, turning to yellow dust of browned ink.

“And she was born, and akin to the Light that carved the way for her path. A Gemstone of purity in the Void of darkness that once was.” The words taken directly from her fathers journal. Her fingers dancing lightly over the pages as she continues to read on. Gentle fingers turning the page as she lets her eyes wander of her beginnings.

When her light first touched this realm i knew she had to be hidden away, sealed. But.. She aged, faster than he would of liked. Within two weeks his baby girl.. His Diamond was already a young women ready to enter her prime.. Another two, that was all that he could afford to hide her here. In this home away from home, within this dimension.

There was little else that her father could offer her than the training that he did.. Well other than the choice of life, the training sessions however were more focused on her building up the ability to defend herself. Each session that her father put her through in those two weeks was without little remorse for the battering that she would receive, that would force her to push past the limitations that she thought she had.. It was a necessary step in mastering the Martial art simply known by the Silverhides as Rommish, a fighting style that was designed around the tactics Shifters might use, one.. That he invented and was a complete master at.. With each broken bone, with each cut, witch each scar she gained, it was beaten into her. More often than not after a single training session did her father repair the damage he had caused only to do it over again.. Hidden away underneath that pale alabaster flesh are the thousands of scars of torturous training that her father put her through.

Only once all that was done.. To seal her away, and lock her behind a makeshift gate to hide her presence away from the entities in the universe that might want to corrupt her. A solid dome of magic condensed so heavily that it could retain it’s presence in the universe despite resting at the gravitational core of a Black hole, effectively sealing her away in a temporal loop, where time stopped for her, but continued for the rest of the Universe. Sealed away from some point in the before, and yet just after the after.. A critical point in time that left her free from the Chaos that flooded the Realms.


And.. Here we are for now, that is my story, for what it is. There isn’t much to add now, that you don’t already know!