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Catalina Eloise Lincoln was born April 15, 1988 at St. Jude’s Hospital; third floor, birthing ward C. Her mother was an unknown brunette who was admitted into the hospital by a family friend, and her father, also unknown, was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that she would be adopted by a lovely young couple recently married. The Lincolns lived in upstate New York in a lovely little apartment block where anyone knows everyone, and it was there that Catalina spent the first ten years of her life. She was loved, she was cared for, and she was spoiled. Catalina was the child the Lincolns could never have naturally and the Lincolns were Catalina’s godsend. In her eyes, they were her parents. It didn’t matter that they weren’t blood related. Growing up, Catalina was never a large child. In fact, she was quite underweight for eighty percent of her childhood which left most other parents fearing she was being denied meals or overworked. Though god forbid why anyone would think such a privileged child would be overworked was anyone’s guess. Come spring one year, when the weather was warming and the days were growing longer, men arrived at the family home demanding payment. Her mother was in the kitchen prepping for the family banquet the following day when the men barged their way in. Catalina was told to run and hide, and she did. She hid in a small compartment within the wall behind her doll house. There were five men in total; three had gone looking for her father while the other two searched the house for her mother who had followed her into the bedroom and was crouched down in the closet. Catalina’s father was beaten to near death before having his throat cut and his head wrongly removed and made to hang from one of the nearby trees. Of course, the two men still in the house found Catalina’s mother quite easily and, without knowledge of her husband’s death, would be beaten and raped by both, also to the point of near death, before suffering the same fate as her husband; throat slit and head removed. Catalina is wild, carefree, and unbridled. She is passionate, witty, and smells like summer rain. Catalina’s current residential address is the Red Sun Inn. Her room is located on the far right hand side of the hallway, sixth door down, Room 213. It has very little compared to the apartment back in upstate New York, but Cat doesn’t mind too much. New York was a nauseating reminder of the untimely death of her adopted parents. She never travels with more than she needs, keeping only a handful of clothes in the wardrobe and a half bookshelf of books that she likes to keep in pristine condition. As much as Cat loves her quiet time, she’s also known to be quite the party girl. She adores her friends; Ka’leb, Erick, even Kirk gets an honourable mention (and that’s saying something). She doesn’t have many female friends, and the reasoning behind that being jealous. Other women find themselves getting jealous over Catalina’s interactions with men, but it’s not always sexual. She’s just comfortable in her own skin.

My Appearance


Bedroom realness includes bed shorts with prints, never plain, and matching singlet tops, sometimes mid-thigh high rainbow socks. Daywear consists of skinny jeans in light colours; blues, pinks, greys etc. and comfortable shirts; singlets and tees. If it’s cold then jackets and boots.


A music player, insertable earphones – white and books – anything that interests her.