Revin "Revy" Satoshi. ~ (GSE) SG 2nd In Command ~


Revin Satoshi was always the quiet and shy brother. When his brothers were out talking with people and going to parties. Revin spent his time reading books, curled up in his bed, with a steaming hot cup of tea on the bedside table.

Revin always did have a liking for nature and would rather spend his time walking through nature with one person he trusts, then hanging out with many people he knows nothing about. Revin liked to garden, and has always kept a very large garden.

Revin would always seem like the most meek and mild of the Satoshi brothers, but do not be fooled by this… if he wants too, he could protect someone with his life… Revin only acts this way because he hasn’t found that special someone yet…

Revin also always loved cooking and would do it often. Revin would always do a large share of the house-work. Revin liked to curl up and watch TV or read a book during his free-time, which didn’t come often… but when it did… Revin savored every minute of it.

Who Am I...

Revin "Revy" Satoshi.

Romantic Interests

"Hello I am! Pansexual Demisexual!" [Revin would smile.]

Relationship Status

Technically I'm single.

My Appearance

I have many different¬†appearances. Technically I’m not actually supernatural, rather I am a human gifted with supernatural abilities beyond the comprehension of most humans.


I have things, mostly Gardening Things, Books, Things related to Tea. I also keep things for doing chores. I also have cooking things and things related to Music and Magic. “I do not keep much though! I like to keep my inventory of things light and small, so it doesn’t get messy all the time!” [Revin would giggle.]

My Secrets Are...

“I do not have any! My mom always told me to never share anything with strangers! So sorry, but your not getting anything out of me, unless you know me!” [Revin giggled again.]

I Believe...

"Love can be something wonderful to behold!" [Revin smiled.]