Rhys Tempest


(( Please feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to play! I prefer modern realistic, but can adapt to pretty much anything. ))

Who Am I...

Me? Just your average run of the mill bloke. I'm not magic. I'm not immortal. Just a guy.

Romantic Interests

Yeah, I got some of those.

My Story Is...

Born in Dublin and raised in a Catholic boy’s home after having been abandoned by his mother, Rhys suffered the cruelty and hypocrisy of a religious upbringing.  He left the priests and the nuns behind when he was sixteen and made it out on his own, first on the streets of Dublin and then traveling through the Nexus to Rhy’Din and the other outlying worlds of fantasy and magic.  Although the streets of Rhy’Din were an unforgiving place, especially when one harbors no attraction to violence, Rhys relished his freedom.  He is quick to joke and will do anything for a good time, a fact that often leads to bad decisions and even worse habits.

My Appearance

Tall and lanky, Rhys stands just over six foot.  Dark brown curls pile atop his head, green eyes often hidden by aviator shades.  Although his wardrobe usually consists of long sleeves (often his beloved denim jacket), his tattooed hands and wrists suggest that the ink travels further up.




I don’t know, drugs?

My Secrets Are...

What good are secrets if you lay ’em all out there?