Raleigh Hunt

Who Am I...

Just a guy

Romantic Interests

Your wife and your daughter

Relationship Status

The good ol' camel 99's, 'cause I'm addicted to which kills me.

My Story Is...

“Long and tiresome, why don’t you grab a bottle of whiskey, share a smoke and talk about something relevant…”



My Appearance

Height: 6 foot even

Build: lean and mean

Hair: blond, short and bit scruffy.

Eyes: blue.

Scars: in few places.

Tattoos: “Got two and wait til ya see em”.

Ethnicity and Citizenship: Caucasian, no confirmed citizenship thus far.

Species: Homo Sapiens Superior

Attire: from birthday suit to whatever. Favors no particular outfit though, however he is quit fond of his red mirror Ray Bans.



Always at least a pack of Camel 99’s, of course some Colombian sugar, his sunglasses and…No surprise a lighter. If he needs anything else, he’s gonna get it.