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Grant Ward was born into a sadistic family that liked to see others in pain, even their own. Tortured from a young age, Grant grew up nurturing a deep seeded darkness inside of him, one that would ultimately define who he became. Indeed, even after getting away from his family, he met a man who lead him down a dark path, and to a future that best took advantage of the shadows that gripped Grant’s soul. Taken under the wing of undercover Hydra Agent John Garret, Grant was put through more pain, more struggle, more strife, though THIS time it was training. It wasn’t all to entertain his sick family, no, it was to build him into the perfect soldier, a weapon to further the goals of Hydra. Garret took him and broke him down to little pieces, and then put those pieces back together, building Grant up far stronger, far more dangerous and deadly than ever before.

When he was ready, Garret sent Grant for more training, giving him over to the best soldiers, spies, and operatives Hydra had to offer, and even some outside of Hydra. Grant had a talent for taking it all in and learning quickly. It didn’t take him long to become one of Hydra’s brightest soldiers, and deadliest weapons. When Garret thought him finally ready, he sent Grant on one of the most dangerous missions of his life, infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D, more specifically, the new team lead by a resurrected Phil Coulson. He spent months working with Coulson’s team, becoming a trusted member of their little family, growing particularly close to both Agent May, and new recruit Skye. However, when the time came for Hydra to show it’s heads, and destroy S.H.I.E.L.D from within, Grant didn’t hesitate to betray his team, and take his rightful place with the emerging Hydra forces.

Grant clashed time and time again with his old S.H.I.E.L.D team members showing himself to be the soldier Garret had trained him to be. Things went well until Garret’s plans fell apart, and Hydra was defeated and scattered. In the end, Grant was reported as dead, but was captured by his old Team, seemingly to answer for his crimes against them. Instead, he was released to the custody of his brother, one of the family members who made his childhood a living hell. Grant didn’t lose his head though. He played his part well, becoming his brother’s prisoner in exchange for favors to Coulson’s team. In the end though, he dragged his brother back to their childhood home, made him face what he’d done to him, and then Grant killed him, coming full circle. After, Grant once again became active, no longer an agent of Hydra, or S.H.I.E.L.D, instead working for himself, sometimes playing both sides. At the climax of Coulson’s battle with Hydra head Whitehall, and Skye’s insane father, he escaped with the help of a confused Agent 33, who was aimless without Whitehall, the man who had her tortured and brainwashed for the good of Hydra.

Ward spent the next months healing up and trying to heal Agent 33’s shattered psyche, going so far as to actually team up with S.H.I.E.L.D against the last vestiges of a broken Hydra, as well as the growing Inhuman threat. It was all a plan, however, for him to help Agent 33 get revenge against those who hurt her, including Agent Bobbi Morse, who had given her over to Hydra while working undercover for S.H.I.E.L.D. However, everything backfired and Ward ended up accidentally killing Agent 33 thanks to Shield Agent May’s quick thinking. Finally broken, Grant stole one of the Inhuman’s Terrigen crystals and planned to use it to kill himself. Gripping it and breaking it in his bare hand, he turned to stone, expecting to never awaken again. Instead he did awaken, and when he did his mind was the clearest it’d ever been in his life, almost too clear. Every memory he’d ever had, everything he’d ever learned, read, seen, heard, did, it was all crystal clear in his mind like an open book. Not only his mind, but his body. His body remembered everything it’d ever done, and everything he’d seen others do.

Grant discovered that like Skye, he was a descendant of the Inhumans, and while the Terrigen crystal hadn’t changed him as drastically as others, it had definitely changed him. He had total recollection, photographic memory and reflexes. His body healed much faster from sickness and wounds do to being able to use 100% of his brain’s capacity. His muscles, bones and joints were physically reinforced, enabling it to perform any feat his mind could recollect. He was no longer just a weapon, he was the ultimate weapon. Embracing his new found abilities, Grant sought out the last vestiges of Hydra, as well as various other small pockets of mercenaries and assassins who usually operate from the shadows, putting together a team of soldiers. He would become his own man, with his own army, having no allegiance to no one. When Thanos came to earth and eventually wiped half of the universe with the “Snap”, Ward was one of those who was left behind, and used that five years of chaos to create an even deeper foothold in the world. When the heroes returned everyone who got snapped, he was ready and welcomed the chaos. He not only had his own soldiers, but using his abilities he trained soldiers for other organizations, some of them alien and off world. In the end, he not only not became the leader Coulson never thought he could, but the ultimate Taskmaster.

OOC – Based on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and the MCU with obvious changes and liberties taken. Just here for fun. I’ll play him in almost any setting, be it Marvel, DC, Image, or any other Modern Fantasy setting.

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