Mr. Shadow


The End is The Beginning is The End. The cycle never stopped. All things must end to begin again, only to end once more. This is how it has always been, and how it will always be. However, existence isn’t black and white. There will always be grey areas. Over the millennia, worlds have been born, and destroyed, universes exploding into existence, and exploding out of it again. Sometimes it is natural, other times it is unnatural, often times it is by design at the hands of forces many call Gods, and Devils. Both Creation and Destruction have their agents working for their cause. Sometimes their plans go off without a hitch, no interference from one another, but there are other times when they appose each other directly. Agent versus Agent. Good versus Evil. Life versus Death. Creation versus Destruction. They take on many different forms, many different aspects, and many different natures. Mr. Shadow was one such Agent of Destruction.

Mr. Shadow, as it came to be known in it’s most recent incarnation did not know how, when, or where he was born. He just one day, was, and immediately set foot on a path of destruction. It, He was death, anti-life, a living will of the end. Where there was life, he brought death. Where there was light, he brought darkness. Where there was creation, he brought destruction. He became apart of a cycle, one that continued on forever, for no matter how much destruction came, creation would reclaim it’s light, and no matter how many times creation claimed the light, destruction would once again bring darkness. Mr. Shadow was a tool of that darkness. Neither God nor Devil, yet both at the same time, he existed for the sole purpose of resetting the game board. But nothing was ever easy, and nothing always went as planned. As the cycles continued forward, they changed, evolved, became different than before. Soon it was almost like a game between the two opposing forces. The Darkness would unleash Mr. Shadow, and the Light would unleash their own Agent, their savoir, their ultimate being, their Fifth Element.

If the Fifth Element could gather all the correct keys and put them into place before Mr. Shadow could cast his shadow over the universe, the light would push back the darkness for a time, and forestall the end of the universe. If the Fifth Element failed, the end would come and all would be pitch black until creation began again. In the latest game between the two forces, the light won, as it has before, and as it would again, and Mr. Shadow, this time in the form of a Death Planet was stopped thanks to the Fifth Element. However, while he was stopped, it was only temporary. There would come a time when Mr. Shadow would regain his full power of destruction, take on his ultimate form, and once again threaten existence with his darkness. Until then, however, he was forced to exist in a body similar to whatever the Fifth Element had taken this cycle. In this case it was the form of a man. Fully self aware, and with memories intact, Mr. Shadow now walks among those he had so recently tried to destroy. He could still make their lives a living hell, still show them that even though the darkness was held at bay, that it would never truly be gone. It would be a while before Mr. Shadow had to do his job again, so he might as well have some fun right?

Mr. Shadow is effectively mortal when out of the cycle. Though he is powerful, and cannot ever truly die, his body can be destroyed. It would however, reform over time, or he’d be given a new one. Almost all of his power sealed by the Fifth Element, he still exhibits an inhuman control over matter and energy, able to absorb and control both at high levels. He is not affected by the vacuum of space, does not need to eat, sleep, or breath, though he does them all as he sees fit. Forced to live in a human form, he enjoys the limitations, as well as the activities that having such a form affords. Like the Fifth Element, he has studied the history of the humans of earth extensively and while he still wishes to destroy them all, he finds their history of violence and war enjoyable and spends most of his time inciting these things wherever he goes until the day he can take his true form once again and end everything. Until that happens, he hops from world to world, reality to reality, doing his thing, and hiring himself out to would be conquerors in order to sow as much discord as possible.

Who Am I...

Mr. Shadow. Death Planet For Hire. The Fifth Element [Stolen].

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Mr. Shadow: The Fifth Element Redux


When Yjarl gave him a human form, he had the Dark Lord Of The Forge Vulcan create a Mech for him using the remains of his original Black Star Body. This mech embodied his power of Entropy, and was thus named.

I Believe...

That The End Is The Beginning.