Dash Kasokudo

Intro Video


Hi, so…

Lets clarify stuff, I am a boy. Not a robot. I have feelings, and chill out with the mean stuff. We’re all people here.

Who Am I...

A speedster.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

A person, with a steadfast heart of gold.

To believe what I am telling you, you must believe in the impossible.

You see that blur of grey, that’s me. My names Dash, Dash Kasokudo.

I was born on 1992, December, 12:00 AM.

And, i was born with extraordinary capability’s.

Because of this, my mom Lenia Kasokudo, had to wear this little pod on her chest that,

would keep me safe. And it all went on from there, until a sudden day.

My dad, Micheal Kasokudo (used to be “Micheal Anderson”)

had went insane by something incomprehensible, and had murdered my mom, had shot her 14 times.

And he tried to take me out also, by going out of the house, heading to the bridge and throwing me

over. Than he took himself out, I was a infant floating across the river until, another couple had found me.

Than, it continued from there. I grew up, managed to figure out my powers. And sped around to stop evil.

Yes, i have encountered stupid amounts of speed, and yes they had consequences.  I have been betrayed by my friends so they could take my speed, and due to my speed I have opened the world to new threats. Now, I get faster and faster to outrun and beat the evil that might encounter this world, because I am Dash, Dask Kasokudo. The fastest man alive.


Because in the end, me and people like me are not “gods”. Just people with extraordinary abilities.


So yeah, I continue to run, and, i’m pretty good cuz’ nobody has caught me yet!

My Appearance

“A very cocky person, who knows. no shame” – Martha Lowis (Dash’s adoptive mom.)


White – Olive skin.

Grey eyes, with black pupil.

Height: 6”1

Weight: 159.9 pounds. (somehow after eating 2-3 pounds of food a day.)

Grey infused Light Gray hair.

AANNDD Anti-Friction Materialized clothes, mostly his Bolt Shirt with his two very “cool” variations.

Image result for Grey shirt yellow lightning bolt


Image result for Grey shirt yellow lightning bolt


And Pants, with his also very “cool” jeans.


And his shoes. . . . . . jeez.



hey, dont talk about my shoes >:( – Dash.

 Profile picture of Dash Kasokudo

(The best way to sum up his looks.)


(Call me – Dash, on his, very bad, no good, and plane crashed date.)


Super/Hyper Speeds.

  1. -Outran a fighter-jet

-Anti Aircraft Bullets.

-Light from a Light Pointer

-Real Light.

Black hole


THE B I G, B A N G .





-stuff, i really don’t wanna put on here cuz’ its to long -,-


…..And yes, he is gaining more speed by the moment by absorbing kinetic energy in the air by people


Dash has 3 ways of moving:

By Speed.

By Kinetic Drain.

Dash time.


Speed is slefexplanitory

Kinetic Drain is whenever he drains the people kinetic energy and brings it to him, making everyone else stored potential energy, only speedsters can move, but really slowly.


Dash time: Dash time is whenever he can move quickly, and stop time. (He doesn’t use this to dodge, time slows down by his speed, this if different.) And everything in Dash Time is fragile, one touch  and its kaboom.


Dash has a 5×5 small interdimensional room filled with the kinetic energy he’s gained and gaining more and more slowly, it’s a room he can bring people into and the source of his speed.

My Secrets Are...

I Believe...

My story end, when I stop running.