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Name: Ramona Lavigne Smith
nickname: Overdrive

Heigh: 5,2


eyes: blue

hair: blonde short

preference: Bisexual

Status: married to Lena Oxton Tracer

Nationality: Australian


My Story Is...

Ramona was born in Melbourne Australia. She was the minor of 3 and unlike the other kids, Ramona was born without the ability to use her legs. Her body was completely paralyzed from her waist down. Even so, Ramona found her way to be happy. Her father was a city cop and her mother was a waitress. Her older brothers always found their way to make her happy making her forget about her problem. One day the family decided to go on a road trip across the country, sadly the trip didn’t end up well. A truck driver lost control over his vehicle hitting the family van killing everyone inside the family van except by Ramona. thanks to the impact she was sent away flying out of the Van leaving her in a critical state but alive. After a couple of months, Ramona woke up inside a hospital and After her healing was almost complete Ramona was sent to an Orphanage. Where Ramona fell in constant depression thanks to the loss of her family. One day a miracle happened Ramona was able to move her legs and little by little Ramona learned how to walk and move around without the need of a wheelchair.  Once her legs were in a perfect state Ramona escaped from the Orphanage at the age of 15 and began to live in the streets. She began to learn how to survive by herself by stealing others people valuables. In time Ramona began to notice that she was oddly faster than most people, at some point she could even outrun cars like there were nothing. In time her speed began to increase and so the value of the things that she started to steal and so Ramona was renown as Overdrive thanks to her immense inhuman speeds.


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Ramona is a free spirit, She is always on the move not staying in one place for long periods of time. Even she is a criminal Ramona has a code that she does not breaks no matter what, She never kills since she considers that killing is an assassin’s job and she is just a thief. Even when most of the times Ramona makes her hits for her own selfish desires like sport or just money, there are odd times that she is completely selfless and does it for the good of others. Thanks to that many hospitals, orphanages, and charity places had been saved by her in some anonymous way. Another thing about her is that she is afraid of traveling in any mechanic vehicle thanks to the trauma that she suffered from her family accident. Ramona only uses her feet to move around.   Ramona sometimes can be somewhat flirty if she feels some kind of a traction for a man or a woman, letting herself get caught by “mistake” for the person that she likes. Also when Ramona moves around running she likes to wear headphones and listen to music ..her favorite one is the one from the 80 and 90.


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Ramona Is a speedster, She can run at some insane speeds to the point that cameras are not able to record her in their image. Most of the time her blurry figure it gets confused by a small glitch on the camera.  Everyone else sees her as a blur at the most. She can see everything else in slow motion including bullets. Ramona can even grab them or even change their trajectory with the tip of her fingers she can also walk in the walls, ceilings and even in the water.  If Ramona run’s in circles she is capable of creating small tornados that are able to lift cars.


Tracer & Overdrive
Ever since they found each other there was a connection between them. Thank to her relationship with Lena Oxton, Ramona has left a little bit her thievery ways and turn out to her heroic side, Constantly helping the people without asking anything in exchange.