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Daichi Mizushima had been different all his life, partially due to his Tourette’s. He was born into a wealthy family, which to some might see as a blessing, but he really didn’t think that. Due to his parents’ occupation, they often traveled and it was rare that they were ever home. His parents would mostly just leave him with the nanny and buy him things to make up for lack of time they spent with him. Even buying him his own place at the age of 16, since they felt he was getting to the age were he’d need privacy, considering any other parent would only allow their kid to lock the door to their room at that age. Each month they would transfer money into his account so that he wouldn’t have to worry about any financial problems, which he doesn’t really complain about.

He never really communicates with anyone at school, resulting in the nicknames ‘loner’ and ‘twitch’, and occasional shoves and punches, but he never really cared. He spent most of his time drawing, a skill he’s really talented at, during class since he already knew the information the teacher was teaching and didn’t really feel a need to learn it over. At his home, he would stay in his room and teach himself complex songs on his piano. Playing the piano was also another talent he had, he was willing to play for anyone who was willing to listen but, being the loner he is, only played for himself. He didn’t mind though, he liked it. Sometimes while he’s home, he would feel lonely, which was rare but, the silence would bother him at times. He often takes trips to the park just to sit at a bench and sketch the scenery while listening to the playful screams of the children.

Daichi is very observant and would often stare at something or someone he finds interesting. He’s very naive and is definitely not someone you’ll even consider to be dominant. He doesn’t really talk much but, would talk to someone he feels that cares about him.

My Appearance

Daichi is rather short in height with pitch black hair. He has baby smooth skin and doesn’t have a scratch on his body. He has bright hazel eyes and long black eyelashes, along with his pink pouty lips.