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Life had always been odd as a foundling left on the proverbial doorstep and soon adopted by Mr and Mrs Suburban dream. It was all just another happy valley Sunday or so it seemed  She was the sweet little princess they had always dreamed of.

Till she turned thirteen and the dreams began

She was running, always running, through the woods, sometimes chasing, sometimes being chased.  Waking up in a full sweat, her chest heaving as if the air was too thin for her to breathe. Soon the dreams became realities and she awoke in her cotton candy pink bedroom to dirty feet and tracked in mud.

Sleepwalking they said, she would out grow it they said. But some things you can’t outgrow.

Gone was the sugar plum fairy and in her place the teenage rebel from hell. Already having issues with authority by the time she was 15, she slipped out a window to go to a party, using the shortcut through the woods. She knew the path well, she had walked it a thousand times.

This time though, a neighbor, one who was always just a bit too friendly with young girls was waiting. Soured breath, sweaty groping hands and  a handkerchief stuffed in her mouth to stifle her cries. When he was done he rose, turning from her, regretful, crying telling her how it wasn’t his fault. He was sick you see, he couldn’t help himself.

As it turned out neither could she.

She arrived home hours later, covered in blood and dirt,  sobbing, hysterical. The police came, reports taken, the woods searched. It was later said he must have been attacked by a wild animal, though none were ever found.

Years passed, the little princess grew up to be hellion. The death of her parents in a car wreck , was almost a relief. They hadn’t been really close in years. The house sold, the money pocketed she took off for the west coast. Finding work as a bartender at  a biker bar gave her the new start she was looking for.  She fit in well among the criminals and bad boys. Hard as nails and mean when crossed she soon earned their respect.

A loner by choice. She had yet to find a man who could hold her attention for more than a night, most not even that long.  Too many mommy issues.

Not that she was lonesome, time was well spent at the gym. Better to take her issues out on a heavy bag than someone’s face. She had learned early on, some people you couldn’t even slap the stupid out of.

Chip on my shoulder?  Hell no. I got the whole damn tree.


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Lions and bears may be larger – But you never see a wolf performing in a circus

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