Who Am I...

What an interesting question. I would like to portray myself as the anonymous face of justice, but what is justice is this corrupt world? It is what I want it to be.

Romantic Interests

I do not have time for…Romantic relationships. But I suppose I am pansexual.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

A long and perturbing tale I do not wish to share here.

My Appearance

I am rather tall, compared to others. I have dark gray hair. Probably due to the relentless stress. Anyway, I enjoy wearing dull colors, as they do not attract much attention. If you see me in public, I am more than likely going to be wearing a plain white porcelain mask. Some call it creepy, others interesting.


That is a secret.

My Secrets Are...

My inventory.

I Believe...

There is far too much evil than good in this world.