Intro Video


Three bank robbers turned Zombie killing machines.

Who Am I...

Two armed men and a woman.

My Story Is...

~-~ Entry 1. ~-~
How can I put this.. Oh! We are the best bank robbers on Hellifyno. Even known one of us is a bit… Weird.
I guess first I should introduce us. My name’s Griff. ‘Least, that’s what they call me. A’int givin’ my real name. I’d like to say i’m the leader of this joint, but… Nah. Vest’s got that under control. My job, simply, is to be a good shot. I’ve kept my crew alive under the worst of situations. You need a virtually impossible shot to be pulled off? Call me. Hell, I’ll even give you my number.

Next off, we got Joll’. She’s the drill operator- cause yes, we have drills to get inside of safes and shit. She keeps the thing running and keeps it from over heating, while we keep her covered. She’s a silent one, only ever talks when shit’s going down, or she needs to call some shit out.

Now, for Vader. We call him Vader cause of the mask. He decided his mask would be a Darth Vader mask you can get from the Halloween store. Now, don’t let that get to ya. He comes in for when things start to get loud. You know, when we need a fuckin’ mini-gun and a hunk of armor. Don’t ask me where he got that shit. I dunno.

Lastly, we got ourselves a strange one. Vest. He doesn’t speak. And we don’t know what he looks like. He wears a damn rubber chicken mask or a rooster, what ever you wanna call it. We call him vest cause the vest he’s got. A jean jacket with the sleeves cut off, and some patches on it. The one that sticks out the most? The one on his back. One, big ol’ smile. He uses a tape recorder to speak. Example, let’s say he’s shot ya, and your on the ground begging for mercy. He’ll light a molitov, pull out that recorder, rewind it, play it, and out comes, “Have a nice day.” And he follows up by throwing the moli’ on the poor soul that comes across him. Yeah. That’s vest. Don’t fuck with vest.

Our crew name, very simply, is ‘Dimes R Us.’ You know, like, Toys R Us? But for cash? Ah, screw it..

~-~ Entry 2 ~-~

We laid low after a job gone bad. Not that we didn’t get the cash, no. Just that Vest lost his shit and smashed a dude’s head in with a crowbar. Needless to say, we decided to take a break. Sadly, that’s also when the meteor fell. That shit wiped out Persistence and plagued the damn place with some fuckin’ zombie virus. Me, Joll, Vader, and Vest managed out, along with a few other people we picked up along the way. Unfortunately, our ‘we survived with out a scratch’ gig ended when Vest got bit. We had to put him down. Sucks, to. I was warming up to callin’ that man my brother.

~-~Entry 3~-~

We had to leave Daniel. The infected kept rushing us, and.. He stayed behind to slow them down and give us time to escape. As of such, we did. We decided it best to lay low in our hideout in Persistence, and keep away from people there. We don’t know if Daniel made it out or not. For all we know, he’s currently a tiny chunk of meat caught in one of those thing’s teeth.


Griff – Micro Uzi, 50. Cal sniper rifle, silenced Deagle, standard bullet vest.
Joll’- Akimbo 5 MM. Pistols, Ak-47 rifle, and a nice little tux.
Vader – Mini-gun, Full clad body armor, and one massive nerd boner for star wars.

My Secrets Are...

Griff’s real name is Daniel.

Joll’s real name is Julia.

Vader’s real name is Charles.