Omega Hish

Who Am I...

I'm a 'regular', as my parents would say, 16 year old kid who has powers.

Romantic Interests

Nice people, girls.

My Story Is...

The first couple of weeks when I started school for kindergarten were great. I made friends, the teacher liked me, it was great…until one day. Three kids started to bully me because they said I was a “teacher’s pet”, but I didn’t try to answer the teacher’s questions. They said they called me a “teacher’s pet” because they liked me. Then, after that, they started to beat on me. I’ve never felt that pain before, so I retaliated, and to my surprise, aura busted a out of my little body, sending the bullies flying. I passed out from that, and had to go to the doctor’s. My parents stayed with me until I finally woke. But as soon as I went back into the school, no one even stood 8 feet near me, not even my friends. And it’s been like this since then..

My Appearance

I have brown mild wild hair with navy blue eyes. I have a blood red skull on my cheek, ever since I had no friends. I have a blue and white jacket with a blue t-shirt. I have a star necklace my grandpa gave me. I’m wearing dark blue pants with black and blue shoes. People say I don’t have a shine in my eye, who cares about shine anyway?


Psychic magic

My Secrets Are...

I have none, their all exposed.

I Believe...

That I'll finally be accepted one day.