River Singetail X Brooklyn

Who Am I...

River The Nile Child/Brooklyn The Beloved Cousellor

Romantic Interests

They Love Eachother

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

River’s Story:


Brooklyn’s Story:

Youngest Child Of The Everston’s,I was a Wonderful Child and I did have a Crush on Serval Boys when I was younger but no one came Close to The One I married:River Bruce Singetail.Me and Him grew up together and loved Eachother that one day Me,Him,His Older Sister and Her BF went out to prom as a double date kinda thing.I later married him and he took me out on a Cruise to Japan which when I was a child I always dreamed of going there and that was the First Place our child was born:Ilona Evana Singetail who Later Went under the name of Ilona Evana Vasmen,I spent a couple more years with him and our child but when Ronnie Faith Singetail was born I did Die from it but I was later reborn.

My Secrets Are...

I River Singetail Have a 3rd Daughter