Gensui Yokotawaru

Intro Video


This is Gensui Yokotawaru. Her name is in Full Japanese. “Gensui” means “Decay” in English. “Yokotawaru” in English mean “Lying”. After further reading, You will See Why..

Who Am I...

"Gensui Yokotawaru. I am also a Human Cannibal."

Romantic Interests

"Older Men. Yes Indeed It is Odd but F**k It. They seem to be as a Sense of Protection. Given I am only 13.

Relationship Status

"At the Moment I am Lonely. But it is Fine."

My Story Is...

“Through my Years of Life I have to make Myself understand that My World Is Mildly Different from Years Before. As another Person in Society, I have come to realize that I live in a Time Age called ‘Shinka shita Hosei’. Which in English is to mean ‘Evolved Correction.’ During this time Period, the People in Society had Evolved. People had been born with Powerful Abilities, Bizarre Mutations, and So Much More. It had happened to Often that It had became Normal. Around 90% of the Population had these Abilities while some Didn’t. Normally, the Powers would manifest around the Ages of 3 with the latest Age to Come Around was 5. I was indeed given one of these unique Abilities. Each Power, which is Called a Quirk, had it’s Own Name. My Quirk is Called “Decay”. Which is the clearly the Meaning of my Name in Japanese. My Quirk is Named this after what I can Do. Basically, Anything I Touch will Decay Beneath my Scarred Fingertips. Wood, Metal, Skin, Anything. The only Problem is that I can’t Touch Anything without It Decaying. Which is the result of the multiple hands clingging to my Body. These Hands Helped Me and indeed Do everything I can’t DO. But I am Indeed Slowly learning to Control It. My Quirk had manifested when I was 6. Soon after I was Left To Be watched after My Grandmother. She passed away  when I was around 9 and I caused It. I had acidenttally hugged her with My Actual Hands which Decayed her into a File of Dark Ash. I had ran away from Home after she Died and was On my Own. My lack of Food over the Years caused my Waist to became Skinny and my Entire Body. I had been Born on April 20th and My Parents Were too Young to Care for me Since they themselves were Around the Ages of 18-21. One thing To Note is over the Course of My Life, I’ve learned to Lie Impossibly Well. Hens, My Last Name, Which I Plan to Live Up To.”

My Appearance

“My hair is a Mixture of LightBlue-Grey with my Eyes just Plain Grey. I never remove the Hand against my Face unless I am Eating of Drinking. I do have Cracked Lips that I had basically Grown Up with and Nothing will Work. My skin is a soft peach Colour But It seems to Be A Soft Grey. The Picture I had used is of My Mother Who I resemble Severely. Though My Height is 5’2 and Weight I believe is 108.5. Another fact is That the hands clingged to my face are from My Victims and I made them Better..”

My Secrets Are...

“I am Sorry to Say but It’s Not Going to be Easy to Just Learn Secrets..”

I Believe...

Nothing. I have Beliefs but Their Just as Much a Secret to Me as Anything ever Will Be..