Victor The Robotic Scorbunny

Intro Video


“You’re the light, you’re the nightYou’re the color of my bloodYou’re the cure, you’re the painYou’re the only thing I wanna touchNever knew that it could mean so much, so much”

Who Am I...

Fun loving robotic scorbunny!

Romantic Interests

Oh I love them no matter what species or gender!

Relationship Status

Well I'm currently single as of now but I'm looking for the special someone!

My Story Is...

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Hi! I’m V1-C0! But you can just call me Victor! I’m a highly advanced and futuristic robotic scorbunny! My personality is quite friendly and optimistic and I’m always curious about stuff! Though I can get.. clingy and obsessive at times but very rarely! And I’m non discriminating about gender or species! And sometimes I’m VERY LOUD!! sorry happens sometimes but I’m just very happy about things! And is always happy to lend a paw to help! No matter what is happening! I may avoid fighting but I will always be helpful!

My Appearance

I’m about 4’3 with fiery orange and Snow White Armor plating and I resemble a robotic version of a scorbunny pokemon!

In heavy combat mode

Galar Megazord

Visor Hunter Mode

Visor Hunter DX


  • XR-56 Railgun
  • AW-10 Punch Cannon
  • SS-66 Flamer
  • CC-45 Stoker Concussion Rifle
  • EQ-09 Plasma blade


  • Plasma cutter
  • Built in plasma welder
  • Various other tools



Weight:566 lbs

Power source: Zx-58 renewable power core.

My Secrets Are...
  • Hates abusement of pokemon
  • Hates rust
  • Hates fighting
  • Loves bunnies
  • Enjoys avenged sevenfold
  • Goes nude but doesn’t care
I Believe...

Oh I've never grasped the point of religion or politics but I don't judge people for their beliefs!