Jade Madison

Who Am I...

A high level thief and fence

Romantic Interests

She'd rather not disclose

My Story Is...

Jade Madison had been caught up on the wrong side of the law multiple time, but when she met The Pocket, everything changed. She had start finding herself more and more lucky with her criminal habit of stealing. Eventually, she found that she had acquired a vast amount of wealth. One day, she heard rumors of a place filled with other-worldly riches. licking her lips with greed, she set out for Helliyno

My Appearance

Blond long hair that barely cover her emerald eyes. Usually wears a crop top that might be a little too small on her as the straps hug her shoulders, straining to hold up her bust. She also can be seen wearing leggings of various colors


Cash, purse, make-up with small mirror, Lockpicking tools, and a small can of pepper spray