Adriana Montagne

Who Am I...

Genevieve Le Santones, now known as Adriana Montagne

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...


Daughter to a mariner and a merchant
Mother disappeared at age 8
Only Child



Sold into slavery at age 12 by her father as a settlement for his gambling debts
Harbors resentment and feels betrayed for being sold

Owned by three masters

Felix Gallus, loan shark

Kitchen and house duties
Sold again after debt was settled

Albus Glaucus

Kitchen duties
Nanny for two children, developed a liking to playing tavli (backgammon)
Sold by jealous wife after hearing rumors of an affair

Aurelius Maximus Quintillus

Most cruel of the masters
Brutal treatment
Managed to escape during the aftermath of drugging the wine at the (insert random holiday here) celebration


Life on the Run

Changed name and hair in order to help cover her tracks
Escaped 4 months prior to arriving in Neloria
Didn’t return to home for fear of being followed home and mistrust of her father
Traveled across the mountain ranges, up through several realms before finally no longer fearing being chased
On constant look out for headhunters or mercenaries that want to take her back
Fears retribution from last master for running

My Appearance


Age: 23 years
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair: Black (dyed, naturally dirty blonde)
Eyes: grey
Distinguishing characteristics: mole under left eye, brand on left forearm
Wide brimmed hat or bandanna
Bracer or long glove over left forearm to hide slave brand
Tends to wear clothing of one of the two main Empires