ender fearstrider


real name: Ender Fearstrider

energy manipulation: he can make weapons out of energy, he can also make large amounts of energy blast out of his mouth in beast mode.

shape-shifting: obviously, he can change his shape into the infamous ender beast.

spike explosion: a skill of which he can cause his spikes on his back to spread across his entire body and explode from his body

invisibility; he can make his molecules turn into a type of gas, making him untouchable and thus, invisible

air control: he can control objects in the air


living location: the forest of well-kept secrets

Who Am I...

ender fearstrider, AKA beast ender, a shifter of great proportions

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

wanna find out? ask him

My Story Is...

the story of the ender beast is a legendary one, ender was born October 24, 2005, so, his human form is around 14, in his human form, he appears as a tall kid, around 6″3 and weighing around, 85 lbs, as he is very skinny, even in human form, he has jagged teeth and talon like fingers, his eyes are the same in any form he takes.

My Appearance

ender beast: tall, clawed hands and feet, five digits on each hand, short stubby horns on head, a black bow tie tied around neck, spikes located on elbows and knees, a shell of spikes on top half of back, skin white as snow, eye whites the color of night with purple irises and pupils.

ender fearstrider: tall, gloomy expression (usually), always in a black t-shirt and grey jeans, strangely, he doesn’t wears shoes. his skin is a pale as snow.


his claws are enough to slash a shield in half, his teeth are strong enough to crush diamonds into dust, his legs and arms could destroy almost everything

a long bladed knife, made of a unknown steel

My Secrets Are...

lost in the woods of secrets

I Believe...

in nothing, religions are mere distractions from the hunt