Morgdaya the Blind

Intro Video


My Story Is...

she was born blind causing her mother to constantly worry over her, but also being born the youngest of 5 brothers causing her to want to keep up with them and she did. she was never able to sit still always running around and into things, every time she returned home her mother would fuss over where she had been and what she was doing and look at her dress it was all ripped and dirty now.


Her father was a leader of the clan and didn’t mind his daughter having such a wild spirit as long as her brothers kept an eye on her when she was away from the castle. While out having adventures with her brother she came across a baby bear that was stuck, she saved it and forever bonded with it making the bear her spirit animal also finding her staff that she carries with her at all times to aid her sight.


now all grown up she is still as wild as ever, her mother doesn’t fret as much as she once did which his a good thing but she will always worry and hope that her daughter will settle down one day to find a husband.

My Appearance

Wild red hair, grey-white eyes, war paint on her face, large bare skin on her back, enchanted staff in her hands, leather armour with bits of metal over it, a blade or two on her sides.