Runeko Vibe

Intro Video



Time Hopping: She is able to go backward in time for only a few minutes if she exceeds her time limit it will cause her body to physically break down this can be seen by the blood that runs down her mouth as well as the cuts that appear on her body

Morphing: She can use this power to change a physical object into something else but she can use this power for a longer time than her time hopping but it still has the negative effects if she uses it for too long

Who Am I...

Some one who can obtain valuable objects that others cant

Romantic Interests

Men and wealth

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Well, I was always a good thief which in my case was needed for survival. Growing up in a nuclear wasteland you learn what it takes to survive quickly but if you are able to is another question on its own. Thankfully that comes easy for me because of my rules and they are simple. One you never get emotionally close to anyone two never trust anyone and the last one is to never be a hero. See its that simple to survive in a nuclear wasteland all I have to do to stay rich is to take the contracts no one else will see that they pay the most. Do I hate this life no I don’t why would I seeing that I stay rich and can do whatever I want but fast forward two years I am helping this mad scientist to complete his new project. So after I bring him the last thing he needs I ask him for my pay and what does that crazy bastard do he uses his new device to transport me to a different universe the worst part this place is still intact. So here I am stuck in a strange world fuck scientist.

My Appearance

Tan skin

Five-foot five

Long soft black hair with short bangs

Dark-colored eyes

Red lips

A white t-shirt black jeans with several small rips white socks with black boots a gun holster on my left and right thighs I also have a knife sheath on the right side of my waist


Two black 45 caliber handguns and one combat knife

My Secrets Are...

Deep down I want to have a family but I can’t see myself ever being in that situation

I Believe...

You have to be willing to cut everyone out of your life to survive