Vincent Maleficarious


“Who i was, doesnt matter. Who i am though, is a different story. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vincent Alistair Neberus Darwin Asmodarious Maleficarious. Though, for times sake Vincent or Mr.Maleficarious shall do. I own a humble business trading favors and services for coin, artifacts, knowledge and the like. No soul selling, no monkey paws. I might be an unspeakable abomination that spits in the eyes of the natural cycle, but im not a monster. No, i prefer deals to be straight forward, less likely the chance that some adventurer will come through and try to undo everything i have accomplished. So, with introductions out of the way and expectations set. What can i do for you?”



Who Am I...

Aristocrat, Gentleman, Litch

My Story Is...

Vincent Maleficarious, or more simply “Mr.M” is a necromantic creation. A Pseudo Lich formed from a failed attempt to reach the the status so desired. Like his more perfect counter parts, Mr.M holds a master over necromacey and darker magics. Able to wrest control of undead easily from other living necromancers and spread death with merely a touch. An intelligent creature that retains his full personality and memories from life. As such, Mr.M is an  avid aristocrat. Believing himself to be a gentleman of the highest caliber while surrounding himself with all manner of luxuries and collections that suit his interest. Though he might seem unscrupulous at times, the only rules he follows are a code of ethics known only to himself.



As a Demi-lich, Mr.M is far from perfect. He is beyond death now, however, unlike a true lich, there are draw backs. For his philactory to remain stable, he must feed off of the life force and experiences of other individuals. Drawing from them the essence of life itself in order to sustain his own consciousness. In the event that he cannot feed,  his mind will slowly falter and wither. Leaving behind nothing less than a rabid skeletal mage ripe for the taking. Albeit, in a designer suit. It is for this reason that he has turned to the most cliche of professions. Deal making. Offering those that seek him all he has to offer in exchange for whatever he needs at the time. More than often, that happens to be the memories and essence of those with whom he deals. This, of course, has granted him a vast collection of wealth and knowladge that he uses to further his goals of becoming perfect. No longer a mere lich, Mr.M seeks to become something even further than that. Though, what form that might take is a mystery even to him.


I Believe...

Class is everything, power is second