Who Am I...

I'm a girl who likes to read, draw, and practice magic. Just ordinary teen stuff, y'know?

Romantic Interests

Dudes who are funny and respekt wamen

Relationship Status

Forever Alone

My Story Is...

I’m an 18 year old Swedish girl with a knack for writing. I’m not really super cool or anything (although I like to think I’m funny). I try to be kind and compassionate :3 I’m also half witch (sometimes), which is why sometimes stuff can get whack. I don’t mean to, honest! *crosses hand behind back*

My Appearance

5’8, sinewy build, long dark golden hair, left eye dark green, right eye dark blue, often wearing jeans and a classy top.


Phone, a random cat a stole, memes, etc.

My Secrets Are...

Too dangerous to talk about…

I Believe...

that I will one day find someone who loves me :,) And save the world too, maybe, I dunno