Brian and Nathan

Who Am I...

our names are Brian and nathan, we are two halves of one whole.if you wish to know more you can simply ask.

Romantic Interests

brian females/nathan bisexual

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Our story is a long one but we will start with where we are now.My brother and I came from a horrid childhood.our father was a monster that used his children.we never knew our real mother she was taken from us at a very young age.when we came to be around ten we were adopted by a kind woman…she cared for us like we were her own.after years of her love we were left alone again…we learned our own way.our own life to lead and our own life to live.we are our own people now.we make our own decisions. watch out “friends” even family ends.

My Appearance

Brian has blonde hair and wears the color red purple eyes with chains hanging around his neck, sharpend teeth and a small figure stands about 5’5 and is faster than his brother.

Nathan has long black hair and holds the color black to this day,he also has purple eyes and likes to wear nicer clothing than his brother.he stands about 6 foot.

the two of them are proficient at using scythes as well as several other weapon types ranging from gauntlets to swords.

brian himself has claws that he uses from time to time.


many many things, a book that is held close to nathan.brian has a flask he keeps with him ad the two of them wear a necklace given to them from their adopted father. as well as a coat that works as a portal to their home whats needed is at their disposal

My Secrets Are...

just that secret.

I Believe...

blood can be cold too