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  Kade is more than he seems.  Deep under the surface of a man trying to be different and attempt to live a better life, he came to Hellifyno to escape.  He has failed.  The past doesn’t control us, but sure does have a way of haunting us.  Now in the midst of a world in perpetual torment and war with greater beings, Kade tries to find his place here.  No open to telling others about who or what he is or where he came from he’s still here to help.

He comes of reserved and possibly a little traditional…this is not the complete story of who he is.  Those who know him best he will consider friends and trust them implicitly.  If you don’t know…well…guess that part doesn’t matter.

Who Am I...

I'm just just trying to figure that out myself…wanna help?

Romantic Interests

I know that it is now!

Relationship Status

Taken (Rema Jett)

My Story Is...

My story can’t be any different than anyone else’s really.  I was born, I grew up with people around me.  Went to school, did my chores, had extracurricular activities, and outings.  That’s all different for different people I suppose, but many I did like traveling and learning new things.  Coming to Hellifyno was something I wanted to do for myself though.   Staying in the Red Light District currently, in a small single apartment…it’s nice.
I’m curious about the residents and I hope to find out more about them all.  Maybe I’ll…I’ll make a friend, or two?  That would be nice.

My Appearance




Change up the tattoos to the following descriptions: sleeve with a dragon koi at the end on his left arm colored on his right forearm tattoo

I Believe...

I believe we should never take anything at face value. You never know how good something is until you finally do.