Rye Simmons

Who Am I...

Someone who can't recall

Romantic Interests

NONE. (If you try to romance Rye, it WILL be rejected. Do not approach for romantic reasons.)

My Story Is...

Things are weird. Once upon a time, I think I was someone else, but now I’m Rye Simmons, of Hellifyno, mostly human as far as we know.


There are six of us. Six separate entities, made into one, like someone just taped us all together and called it a day. I don’t know who did this, but I have a few hints, here and there – so I have to find out.


Rye of Hellifyno is still her own being, but she’s not home right now. Right now it’s me, The Right Hand Man, Rye of an Earth from another place. I used to be 8000 years old and immortal, but not so anymore. It’s disorienting. I hate it.


Who did this to me? We’ll find out one day. But for now ye be warned. I don’t really know much about Hellifyno.

My Appearance


Assorted candies. Lots of snacks.

Elemental bracelet – allows for the switching of powers in a more stable manner than my candies do.

Notebooks and lots of em

Always at least one pen

A fork


3DS and Pokemon games

My Secrets Are...

I wish y’all would stop calling me the Pokemon Master. I mean, it’s true, but also knock it off.

I Believe...

That being blonde doesn't make me stupid