Rye Simmons

Who Am I...

Well now, that's a ripe question, isn't it? I'm someone who can't die, that's all that matters.

Romantic Interests

NONE. (If you try to romance Rye, it WILL be rejected. Do not approach for romantic reasons.)

My Story Is...

What’s important is a long time ago, I was once human. Nowadays, not so much, I think. I don’t grow or get sick or stay dead. Every time I do end up dying, I come right back, as if nothing was wrong. I’m around 8000 now, hanging on, finding things to do.


I mean, what’s it matter if I mess something up around here? I won’t be in town for long anyway.


I have a pocket dimension that I’m capable of accessing when I wish. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

My Secrets Are...

did catch them all, in fact. But they added more. Such is my eternal curse. Like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up a hill only for it to fall, I shall forever be doomed to keep on catching Pokemon.