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Image result for Streetfighter RYU pic“You don’t stand a chance against my Rising Dragon Fist”

Who Am I...

Ryu " The World Warrior"

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My Story Is...

Ryu was orphaned as a child, but was then adopted by the ansatsuken master, a martial arts derived from the assassination arts, Gouken. Gouken taught Ryu everything he knows about the art. He was paired by an American that also wanted to learn the art, Ken Masters, who was sent to Gouken by his father, a good friend who wanted his spoiled son to learn humility and respect through martial arts. Ken became Ryu’s sparring partner, and consequently through all their time together his best friend.Related image

When he turned 23 years old, Gouken believed Ryu was strong and mature enough to travel and hone his skills against all the martial artists in the world. Ryu entered the tournament known as “The World Warrior”Related image

. Ryu competed in the tournament and fought many strong fighters in 5 countries, Japan, the United States, Great Britain, China and Thailand. In Thailand, he fought the Muay Thai kickboxer, Sagat known as the “King of the Street Fighters”, though technically Sagat had won over Ryu, but Ryu was consumed by his own desire to win the tournament, allows himself to be taken over by the “Satsui no Hadou” (Surge of killing intent) and used the Metsu Shoryuken (Destroying Rising Dragon Fist) to knockout Sagat, leaving the large scar seen on his chest, and thus defeating Sagat. After regaining consciousness, Sagat swears revenge on Ryu.Image result for Streetfighter RYU rising uppercut vs sagat pic

My Appearance

Image result for Streetfighter RYU rising uppercut picRyu

Home Country: Japan
Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm)
Weight: 176 lbs (80 kg)
Fighting Style: Shotokan Karate (Ansastuken)
Blood Type: O
Likes: * Training in Ansastuken
Following the path of the warrior
Mizu Youkan (Japanese jelly)
Ken Masters
General Martial Arts
Dislikes * Akuma
Sastui No Hado
Spiders (He once awoke with one in his mouth)
Materialistic Humans

I Believe...

You are the Chosen One, of your own Path…I cannot perform the action for you, but I can help clear the way