Intro Video


“Slashing, Killing
Thrashing, Spilling
Blood for Honor, Death, and Glory”


“They think they know who I am…

All they know is I love to kill”


Author’s Note: I will not respond to random PMs or Friend Requests. I’ve already had too many creepers try weird things and/or people starting RP that ends up going no where or ends with me being ghosted. If we’ve interacted before in main or OOC I’ll probably be more inclined to start an RP or chat, but I’ve been in too many awkward or uncomfortable situations to take any more chances. 

Who Am I...

An Agent of Chaos and Vengeance

Romantic Interests

Blood, Gore, Suffering

My Story Is...

Once she was naive, part of a noble caste constructed of mortal flesh for a purpose long lost to time. But upon reaching maturity she was betrayed by her Sisterhood and cast into darkness. Her mind was twisted irreparably and her soul reduced to sludge. The woman she was before was forever gone, leaving behind only rage and bloodlust. She would tear herself free of her restraints and massacre as many as she could, but before she could complete her revenge she was thrown down into the refuse pits below, as if her violation had already served its purpose and she was useless to her treacherous sisters.

Wearing not but bloody crimson rags to hide her from the blazing sun, she walked alone in the endless desert wastes in search of violence. The Bloodlands are her home now, and she will wander the burning red sands until she finally achieves her vengeance against her sisters for the actions that damned her to this fate.

Along her travels she made but one friend, not among the cities of humankind or the mutant burrows but in the very dump she was left to die in. An ancient machine of war from the Time Before, fallen from grace just like her. In its last dying breath, it imbued her with the might of the metal men from the time before. From its body it gave her a weapon to match her fury: A massive chainsword. With the blessing of this fallen god of war and the terrifying mutations given to her in her Sister’s ritual, she was ready to kill everything in her way.

My Appearance

Gender: Female
Height: 6’10”
Skin Tone: Caucasian, Lightly Tanned
Hair: White or Black*
Build: Tall and Muscular
Sabbathina is a woman covered in scars to the point that parts of her body are more scar tissue than skin. Her hair is thick and shoulder length often styled to cover her face to shield it from the sun. Strangely, her hair has been observed to naturally change color from stark white to jet black.  It is unclear even to Sabbathina herself what will trigger the change in hair color, as she’s observed it changing based on mood, time of day, and temperature at different times. Since she travels barefoot, her feet are intensely calloused to the point that she can walk on hot stone and thorny cactus without feeling pain.

She wears her single set of clothes: bloodstained rags wrapped around her body as a sort of makeshift hooded robe, woven with strange ancient tapestry. Her hood is almost perpetually up, and her chest wrap is frequently loosened to rest as a deep “v-cut” when resting, allowing her stomach and cleavage to be exposed for cooling.


-Her hooded clothes, stained a bloody crimson and woven with tapestry from an ancient manuscript. The runes are written in a tongue lost to memory, but seem to provide more protection than such rags normally should. Particularly good against heat and magic.

-A hulking 7 foot chainsword, powered by an unknown source and crafted of an ancient metal from a time long ago. Its teeth are the size of daggers. Self sharpening and self powering, the act of using the sword maintains it. The engine and chain are loud enough to cause partial deafness in survivors.

My Secrets Are...

The runes upon her tattered clothing are more than just for show. They were originally intended to keep the unholy abomination within her soul pacified… But perhaps in time, it will help her channel the beast within.

I Believe...

Blood for Honor, Death, and Glory