Saber Creed

Who Am I...

Saber Creed

Romantic Interests

lol idk either

My Story Is...

sabercreed was created by a depressed scientist. Before he commits suicide, he wanted to make something that has never been created by any scientist. he took
5 years to build the advance robot sabercreed. And now the sabercreed project was finished,He maked a female Dna that makes the robot act like human and human appearance and emotions and needs. and all the informations of him of everything transferred to her and thats the scientist committed suicide. sabercreed left alone unconscious in the lab but 2 days later she woke and roam the earth.

My Appearance

she wears dark blue hoodie, she has brown short hair, her right eye is light blue, shes 5,6 height, and skinny jeans


inside her backpack is stuffs she needed like clothes, books, celphone, laptop etc

My Secrets Are...

i love milkshake and icecream

I Believe...

im broken