Brad "Feathers" Tupolev • Snowy Owl of Gaia

Intro Video


Physical Overview

Height: 6’0 or 1.83 m*

Mass/Weight: 112 kg or 246 lbs*

Wingspan: 5.4 m or 17.7 ft

Maximum Payload Weight: 1120 kg or 2460 lbs

Talon Grip Strength: 490, 405 psi

Bite Strength: 520, 294 psi

Top Flight Speed: About 3100 km/h or 1930 mph

Species: Snowy Owl or Bubo Scandicus or Nyctea Scandicus

IQ: 162.4

Fears: Being cooked, poached, and/or hunted, being kept as a pet, vacuums, ovens, slime, vampires, and certain people

*Brad has other forms which may be taller or shorter, and/or lighter or heavier, but this is his usual height and mass.




Hot temperatures

Easily saddened


Personality Traits

Very intelligent



Quite shy



Immune to:

Psychic/mental effects as a result of magic or chemistry (including some medications), most diseases, the cold, most vampire bites, most zombie bites, mind-penetrating abilities (such as mind reading and mind control), and sexual temptation


Affected Most By:

Insults, loud sounds, hot temperatures, shaming, scolding, vampires (fear), and bird traps (make sure they’re strong and large enough!)



Regular: Brad stands at 6’0 and has a mass of 112 kg, or 246 lbs. If you meet Brad, chances are you’ll see him like this.

Small: Brad is a little bit larger than an average Snowy Owl, standing at 3’0. His mass is 3.2 kg.

It’s So Cute!: Brad is 10 cm tall. That’s about 80% of a soda can in height. He weighs 140 g, about the same as a baseball.

Griffin: In this form, Brad is an almost humanoid creature with an owl’s head and wings. His mass is 112 kg, or 246 lbs. The wings on his back are 25 ft across, and he has a thick, fluffy, 12 ft long tail. His legs are very powerful, as is his tail. Don’t get in the way of a kick. Brad loses his hat, but will have it back when he changes to any other form. This form is pictured below, for reference.




Okay, Don’t Hurt Me: This is Brad’s “Final Form,” if you will. He’s a very humanoid creature with a muscular build. He’s still feathery and fluffy, but underneath the fluff is a powerhouse. His attacks are scaled up by a factor of three. He stands at 6’0 and weighs 264 lbs, more than a usual bodybuilder since his muscle is more dense. He can usually be seen wearing a black denim jacket, jeans of any colour, and a shirt of any colour on the inside. He sometimes wears boots that expose his talons. This form is pictured below, since it’s hard to describe IC.


I'm sorry if your eyes are scarred...

If you need more pics, feel free to PM Brad’s writer. Also, I understand if you’re grossed out. I kind of am too.



Shockwave: Brad can quickly charge, and eventually release, a shockwave. It may be a BLEVE, gravity wave, explosion, or even a nuclear reaction (nuke). Brad can potentially break apart an entire planet using this.

Light: Brad can emit electromagnetic radiation (light) in any amount. Sometimes, his eyes may glow – that isn’t an attack, it’s natural for him. When Brad emits a flash of 4 solar lumosities, he can temporarily blind an attacker. A less bright flash can stun an attacker, allowing for some time to fight or fly. He used to be able to emit all types of light, but Brad’s writer decided that was too deadly – it was no fun. Brad was a little disappointed. As of now, he can only emit visible light, unless you count heat as light… which it is.

Static Charge: Brad can statically charge his feet or wings, eventually releasing a spark. The size ranges from what feels like a carpet shock, to lightning of biblical proportions.

Space Birb: If there is no air for any reason, Brad can still breathe. How? Well, using an organ which holds air – almost like a little sack. It’s about the size of an American football and resides behind his windpipe. When he exhales carbon dioxide, the molecules are broken apart and only pure carbon comes out. The pure air always stays inside him. Clever, huh?

Flamethrower: Brad can breathe fire. Maximum range of 50 m in air. When Brad does this in a vacuum like space, the range is unlimited. Since there is no air in space, Brad uses his own oxygen supply to make fire.

Tractor Beam: Brad can shoot a force field in a collimated beam. This is known as a tractor beam and is able to move most objects. Since Brad hasn’t mastered this yet, he can’t move anything that’s too heavy – not much bigger than a Boeing 747.

Calabi-Yau: Brad can move to the 4th spacial dimension or higher, using up a little bit of energy. He’ll be hidden inside a Calabi-Yau space, and can exit at any moment, reappearing anywhere he likes. This is almost like teleportation, in a way.

How About I Cook You For Once?!: Brad can emit a biblical blast of infrared radiation. This basically puts the giant, metaphorical oven on high heat and “cooks” the entire town, continent, planet, hell, even the entire galaxy Brad is in.

No Magic Zone: Brad doesn’t have to worry about magical attacks too much, because he has a special organ which emits an anti-magic shield when the bird feels threatened. However, every attack he blocks with this organ drains some of his energy. If he blocks too many attacks, he may faint from exhaustion.

aaaaAAAAAAAAAH!: If Brad is ever greeted, talked to, or otherwise interacted with by any vampire, he becomes extremely spooked, even petrified. Even the sight of a vampire can induce intense fright, panic attacks, and even flashbacks.

Owls Aren’t Food!: Brad is terrified of being cooked, eaten, or butchered. An easy way to scare him is to threaten to cook him. Bonus points if you actually shove the poor guy in the oven.

No Fair! Brad can use quantum entanglement to kill someone from anywhere. This is an overpowered attack, and therefore it is barely used. It’s no fun, really.

Boop!: When Brad pecks someone, he can instantly knock them out, or even kill them. A cracked skull is a common thing to see after Brad uses that beak of his. His beak can punch through most armour.

Owl Stare: Brad can look someone in the eyes, and if said someone makes eye contact, he can stun them temporarily without even blinking. How he does this is not yet known, and Brad has never been successfully captured for experiments to figure this out.

Stereotypes Are Dumb: If someone tells Brad that his name is that of a douchebag, he will give them a good scare, and maybe even a beating.

Fluffy Birb: When he feels like it, Brad can puff up his feathers. This makes him look bigger, a little chubby, and a whole lot cuter. As if he couldn’t be cuter already. This is good for luring, because who wouldn’t want to cuddle him looking like that?

Sleepy Birb: Brad can summon any type of blanket, anywhere he wants. It’s just something that gives him a sense of security, something that can help when his anxiety and/or depression is acting up. This can also double as an attack; he can suffocate someone with a blanket thick enough.

I’m Hedwig, Maddafacka!: Brad delivers a magical, flying broom to someone, dropping it from above. Works best when the recipent’s name is Harry.

Gaian Birb: Brad can use his Gaian powers to heal, restore energy, and more.



Unyly: Brad is the creator and ruler of an extremely advanced supercity called Unyly. It takes up roughly half of the surface area of its planet, which is about the size of Mercury. There are large national parks inside the city, protecting the natural wonders of the planet. Unyly boasts a powerful, advanced military which can be described as an intergalactic force. This military has been known to conquer other fleets and even entire occupied planets, only adding to its arsenal. The whole planet is heavily secured and guarded, and there are always patrol ships and cars cruising around Unyly. Good luck trying to destroy Unyly, because it rebuilds by itself.

Allies: Brad has some notable allies, including Sasuke Firemist.

Planet II: Brad helped establish trade with Planet II, which was made habitable in order to house refugees from the Void crisis. Through Unyly, he helps equip them with stellar military equipment and new technologies.

7e+09: Brad is secretly working with a planet far away, in the Virgo Supercluster. The two are working together to develop new technologies and were formerly looking for ways to get rid of the Void.

Owl of Gaia: In the process of defeating the Void, Brad begun to see things. Feel things. It turns out that a Gaian blessing was in store for him! At this point, everyone had died after turning into objects and burning. Brad, however, came back to life in a flash of light, and anointed Kaler Eland the Guardian Knight of Gaia. He also called back all of the Children of the Light, living or dead. He’s now the high priest of Gaia, and has seen Gaia herself. However, he prefers the title “Owl of Gaia”. This has made him extremely powerful, but also a target for evil. Some people want him dead.


Keep in mind that Brad may not be carrying everything listed here at all times.

C7 rifle

Custom AMT Automag

Revolver Shotgun (A revolver pistol which shoots 12 gauge shotgun rounds, acquired through gambling)

Scottish Dirk

Gaian Longsword

Gaian Double-Sided Axe Spear

Gaian Armour

Xiphos Sword (Infused with dark energy)

Writing Utensils

Infinite Hats!

Unidentified PDW

Unidentified semi-automatic machine gun

Unidentified minigun

Extra ammunition

Various keys

Banana bomb (A banana with a small device attached, which can explode like a small nuke due to radioactive potassium-40 contained in the fruit)

Talon blades

2 longswords (Infused with dark energy)

Some toonie-sized gold coins, $1,000 – $3,000 worth

Black Fedora hat

Flasks of experimental chemicals (Shh…)

Flasks of ClF3 (Chlorine trifluoride – burns anything and everything, glass, concrete, sand, living tissue… you name it – Brad can drink some of this, and as a result, breathe fire which has this property)

Varying strengths of tranquillising shots… for sadness emergencies only