Brad Tupolev – Snowy Owl

Who Am I...

Just a sad snowy owl named Brad.

Relationship Status

I finally found a friend! I hope I don't blow it…

My Appearance

I’m just a giant, male snowy owl. Standing at about 6’0, I am often seen wearing a black fedora hat. I tend to carry a tight strap with a large gun, and/or a longsword, and some small items on it. Sometimes, I may wear a sword harness with two longswords instead.


Keep in mind that Brad may not be carrying everything listed here at all times.

C7 rifle

Custom AMT Automag

Revolver Shotgun (A revolver pistol which shoots 12 gauge shotgun rounds, acquired through responsible gambling)

Unidentified PDW

Unidentified semi-automatic machine gun

Unidentified minigun

Extra ammunition

Talon blades

2 longswords

Some toonie-sized gold coins, $1,000 – $3,000 worth

Black Fedora hat

Flasks of experimental chemicals (shh…)

Flasks of ClF3 (chlorine trifluoride)

Varying strengths of tranquillising shots… for sadness emergencies only


His depression and anxiety